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Case Study: Automotive Plant Has Issues With Buildup

An automotive assembly plant in Detroit, Michigan utilizes their own coal-fired utility. The company has experienced build-up on a number of chutes in their fuel-handling system. As a result, air lances and shovels must be used daily to clean the… Learn More

Case Study: Reduce Truck Unload Time with MARTIN® MT-FAST™ Vibrator

A Minnesota-based grain hauler was having trouble emptying his trailer completely due to low-density grains and meal settling in the crevices of the hopper. Often, the truck operator would have to manually dislodge the stubborn material by getting under the… Learn More

Case Study: MARTIN® E-Z™ Auto Scoop Filling System Reduces Labor Costs & Increases Production

Learn More

Case Study: Ostrich Farm Needs Help Removing Waste

An ostrich farm was searching for a faster and more efficient way to remove unwanted waste from their many ostrich pens throughout the property. Learn More

Case Study: Confectionary Company Uses MARTIN® NTK® Oscillators For Candy Coating

A Wisconsin confectionery was in immediate need of specific equipment in order to properly prepare their candies for human consumption. The candies initially required separating and then spreading on a processing belt to get the candies ready for coating. Learn More

Case Study: Solving a Material Flow Issue with the MARTIN® NTK® Pneumatic Oscillator

A well known food company in Kitchener, Ontario is a manufacturer of biscuits and cookies. The company uses several of our Piglet Belt Scrapers to make cookies that contain marshmallows and chocolate. Learn More

Case Study: MARTIN® NTS™ Vibrators Loosen Wood Bridges

A manufacturer in Midland, Michigan uses a wood-burning powerhouse for their plant. The problems they were having occurred because the wood was forming bridges inside their five feeders. Learn More

Case Study: MARTIN® NTS™ Non-Impacting Vibrator Eliminates Limestone Buildup

A Michigan manufacturer was experiencing a build-up of limestone fines on the bottom slope section of their screens. This build-up caused the bottom screen to blind, which would then cause the next screen to blind, and so on until every… Learn More

Case Study: MARTIN® NTS™ 50/10 Non-Impacting Vibrator Solves Material Flow Problem

A chemical plant was having a problem with material moving through a 60″ x 12″ chute with the help of a piston vibrator, whch caused enough noise that neighbors complained. I realized that linear vibration would move the material, so… Learn More

Case Study: MARTIN® NTK® Oscillator Unplugs Bagging Machine

A large blending plant in Illinois was experiencing difficulty filling their large bagging machine. Learn More