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Settling Chocolate, Candy, and Other Confections

Standard Plugs into a standard wall outlet Lightweight design with a capacity of 40 lbs. Wash-down safe Low noise output Uniform vibration Options Design can... Learn More

Flattening Bags of Cheese

Made of stainless steel. Vibration table integrated in the conveyor belt. Counter-plate height adjustable, in order to press the bags in a flat form. Two... Learn More

Distributing Glaze on Donuts

Installation in a conveyor belt having a width of belt of 36”. The bottom belt runs back within the vibration plate. Directional vibration amplitude by... Learn More

Crushing Salt

3 vibrating grates one above the other. The top one has a mesh width of 3”, the middle 1.2” and the bottom .39”. These 3... Learn More

De-Aerating Chocolate As It Cools

The table is for a laboratory to de-aerate and compact chocolate. A stroke of .118” is necessary. Stainless steel construction. Learn More

Tell Us About Your Specific Compaction Table Needs. Click Here!