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rccUnloading of covered railroad cars no longer has to be a time-consuming, hazardous, dirty job.

The BOOT-LIFT® Railcar Connector installs between the rails and provides a dust-tight seal between the railcar discharge and the below-grade conveying system, including vacuum systems.

Rough spot the car, adjust the BOOT-LIFT® Railcar Connector with either the manual or pneumatic aligner, actuate the lifting cylinders, and you’re ready for clean, pollution-free material transfer.

The air over hydraulic lifting cylinders automatically compensates for the leaning and rising of the railcar. Combine the BOOT-LIFT® Railcar Connector with a MARTIN® Railcar Opener and a POCKET ROCK-IT® Vibrator for the optimum in safe, efficient railcar unloading.

BOOT-LIFT® Railcar Connectors help to reduce material-loss, curb air pollution, reduce unloading times, cut housekeeping costs, and only 1 cfm of air is required!

BOOT-LIFT SBL Connector Dimensions
SBL-24 57 18.5 40.63 54 29.2 22
SBL-30 57 18.5 48.6 54 37.3 30
SBL-33 57 18.5 51.4 54 40.3 33
SBL-35 57 18.5 53.9 54 42.4 35
SBLR-18 57 18.5 36.38 54 23.1 15 (dia)
BOOT-LIFT DBL Connector Dimensions
DBL-18 57 18.5 40.63 54 - 69 29.2 22
DBL-18-GATX 57 18.5 48.6 54 - 76.6 37.3 30


Replaceable Foam Seals

All BOOT-LIFT® Railcar Connectors come with replaceable foam seals that ensure a positive seal even on vacuum systems.

  • Reduce Material Loss
  • Curb Air Pollution
  • Reduce Unloading Times
  • Cut Housekeeping Costs!
  • Only 1 CFM of Air Required


Models SBL & SBLR

The MARTIN® SBL BOOT-LIFT® Connector provides a positive connection between the railcar and the below-grade material handling system. The large funnel opening provides full flow without plugging or interruptions. SBLR units are designed to connect to railcars with round discharges.

Models DBL-18 & DBL-18-GATX for double-pocket cars

The DBL-18 BOOT-LIFT® Connector is the most rugged car unloader available for double-pocket cars. The two 4″ lift cylinders provide over 2,500 lbs. of sealing force. Dual spread cylinders are used to keep the funnels level. A lock bar controls the spread distance.

Bootlift Vertical Connector

The BOOT-LIFT® Vertical Connector was designed by Martin® engineers to provide dust-free/pollution-free unloading of trucks.

Two cylinders bring the sealing boot directly against the discharge of the truck and provide a positive connection throughout the unloading process.

BOOT-LIFT® Railcar Connector Spec Sheet Download


See the BOOT-LIFT® Railcar Connectors in action!

Railcar Gate Opener

The MARTIN® BOOT-LIFT® Railcar Connector installs between the rails for a mess-free unloading of materials with no dust or contamination. Eliminates the need for workers to climb under the railcar, improving safety. Replaceable foam seals provide an airtight seal for a waste-free transfer.