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A great motive force for compaction tables, feeders & screens!

Compact, settle, feed or screen – move material efficiently with NTK® Oscillators. Operation is quiet, and energy-efficient. NTK® Units start and stop instantly in any position and are explosion-proof and wash-down safe. Aluminum Units operate lubrication-free. No one builds industrial vibrators like MARTIN®!


Click here to learn about our new miniature version of the MARTIN® NTK™, engineered specifically for small hoppers and bins.

Available with a Revolutionary Mounting Option
You can pair select models of this product with our incredible adhesive mounting system that makes mounting a breeze. No welding, no drilling, no bolting, no intrusion and no downtime!
8 AL 0.07(.03) piston only 0.25(7) 0.7(20) 2440 3120 3.3(15) 7.1(32) 0.04(.05) 0.05(.06)
0.10(.05) + SM 8-1 0.21(6) 0.66(19) 1858 2412 3.5(16) 7.1(32) 0.07(.08) 0.09(.10)
0.13(.06) + 2x8-1 0.21(6) 0.63(18) 1680 2100 3.1(14) 7.1(32) 0.08(.09) 0.12(.14)
0.19(.09) + SM 8-2 0.21(6) 0.56(16) 1380 1333 3.3(15) 8(36) 0.13(.15) 0.32(.37)
15 x 0.3(14) piston 0.6(17) 1.58(45) 1745 2182 10.9(49) 18.9(85) 0.25(.29) 0.29(.33)
1.0(.46) + SM 16-1 0.56(16) 1.3(37) 1029 1137 10.4(47) 18.9(85) 0.70(.81) 1.01(1.17)
1.49(.68) + SM 16-2 0.5(14) 1.19(34) 758 720 11.8(53) 19.3(87) 1.47(1.69) 2.66(3.06)
16 0.33(.15) piston 0.5(14) 1.26(36) 1680 1920 9.3(42) 16.7(75) 0.23(.27) 0.32(.37)
1.03(.47) + SM 16-1 0.39(11) 0.98(28) 908 1309 9.3(42) 30.8(139) 0.99(1.14) 1.28(1.48)
2.18(.99) + SM 16-1+SM 16-2 0.28(8) 0.88(25) 686 914 16.9(76) 30.9(139) 2.57(2.96) 2.62(3.02)
18 AL 0.46(.21) piston 0.67(19) 1.54(44) 1600 1980 9.3(42) 15.5(70) 0.25(.29) 0.29(.33)
1.39(.63) + SM 16-1 0.46(13) 1.26(36) 972 1321 13.6(61) 31.3(141) 1.02(1.18) 1.28(1.47)
1.65(.75) + SM 16-2 0.39(11) 1.19(34) 878 1168 18.4(83) 38(171) 1.70(1.96) 1.99(2.29)
2.31(1.05) + SM 16-1+SM 16-2 0.35(10) 1.05(30) 738 965 21.8(98) 37.1(167) 2.84(3.27) 2.84(3.27)
2.79(1.27) + 2 x SM 16-2 0.32(9) 0.98(28) 702 902 23.1(104) 40.9(184) 3.35(3.86) 3.58(4.13)
25 AL 0.92(.42) piston 1.19(34) 3.22(92) 1289 1821 23.8(107) 55.6(250) 1.02(1.18) 1.2(1.38)
1.70(.78) + SM 25-1 0.91(26) 2.87(82) 988 1371 30.9(139) 67.6(304) 2.25(2.59) 2.56(2.95)
2.13(.97) + SM 25-2 0.84(24) 2.66(76) 894 1237 34.4(155) 72(324) 3.07(3.54) 3.35(3.86)
3.64(1.66) + SM 25-3 0.77(22) 2.42(69) 686 898 39.3(177) 68.2(307) 5.97(6.88) 6.02(6.94)
6.25(2.84) + 2 x SM 25-3 0.74(21) 2.21(63) 540 823 41.8(188) 94.4(425) 10.23(11.79) 9.95(11.5)
25 1.03(.47) piston 1.33(38) 3.39(97) 1440 1946 28.2(127) 62.6(282) 0.97(1.12) 1.18(1.36)
2.24(1.02) + SM 25-2 0.98(28) 2.52(72) 993 1320 36.9(166) 76.9(346) 2.66(3.07) 3.14(3.62)
3.75(1.71) + SM 25-3 0.88(25) 2.28(65) 800 988 43.6(196) 76.2(343) 4.84(5.58) 5.56(6.41)
40 AL 2.73(1.24) piston 1.89(54) 4.8(137) 1231 1620 53.1(239) 84.4(380) 2.5(2.88) 2.29(2.64)
5.44(2.48) + SM 25-3 1.26(36) 1.30(123) 900 1168 66.2(298) 139(628) 5.83(6.72) 7.29(8.4)
8.05(3.66) + 2 x SM 25-3 1.19(34) 3.64(104) 710 923 80.2(361) 137(617) 11.35(13.08) 11.46(13.2)
10.80(4.91) + SM 25-4 1.16(33) 3.26(93) 565 780 94.2(424) 153(689) 21.04(24.24) 17.92(20.6)
40 2.79(1.27) piston 1.72(49) 4.86(139) 1200 1629 62.7(282) 115(520) 3.1(3.57) 3.01(3.57)
5.51(2.51) + SM 25-3 1.33(38) 3.96(113) 889 1175 71.1(320) 145(653) 6.41(7.39) 7.48(8.62)
8.19(3.69) + 2 x SM 25-3 1.23(35) 3.5(100) 673 933 66.7(300) 150(677) 10.48(12.07) 12.3(14.17)
10.87(4.94) + SM 25-4 1.12(32) 3.22(92) 554 778 101(456) 167(753) 23.52(27.1) 19.68(22.67)
55 AL 4.62(2.1) piston 3.43(96) 8.68(248) 1500 1920 99.3(447) 157(708) 3.14(3.62) 3.04(3.5)
7.57(3.43) + SM 85-1 2.91(83) 8.19(234) 1113 1440 109(492) 183(824) 6.29(7.25) 6.29(7.25)
10.14(4.61) + 2 x SM 85-1 2.835(81) 7.91(226) 985 1292 131(591) 221(995) 9.64(11.11) 9.44(10.87)
12.91(5.87) + SM 85-2 2.77(79) 7.80(223) 884 1175 138(621) 243(1097) 12.58(14.49) 12.58(14.5)
18.23(8.29) + 2x SM 85-1 + SM 85-2 2.56(73) 7.49(214) 758 1011 160(723) 276(1244) 19.92(22.94) 19.29(22.22)
55 4.62(2.1) piston NF 3.54(101) 8.93(255) 1405 1879 98(441) 154(696) 3.54(4.08) 3.12(3.6)
10.14(4.61) + 2 x SM 85-1 2.42(69) 7.24(207) 973 1358 127(573) 264(1189) 9.57(11.03) 10.2(11.75)
15.51(7.05) + 2x SM 85-1 + SM 85-2 2.20(63) 6.72(192) 853 1140 167(755) 311(1401) 16.44(18.94) 17.06(19.66)
32.19(14.63) + SM 85-3 2.17(62) 6.65(190) 677 862 230(1039) 380(1708) 35.91(41.37) 36.43(41.97)
85 11.44(5.2) piston NF 5.81(166) 12.46(356) 1892 2400 170(767) 328(1474) 3.39(3.91) 4.05(4.67)
14.37(6.53) + SM 85-1 5.84(167) 12.46(356) 1622 2108 202(910) 355(1597) 5.48(6.31) 5.69(6.56)
19.73(8.97) + SM 85-2 5.56(159) 12.18(348) 1345 1714 211(950) 361(1626) 8.32(9.58) 8.76(10.09)
38.5(17.5) + SM 85-3 4.48(128) 11.24(321) 894 1166 248(1116) 439(1975) 22.11(25.47) 22.98(26.48)
46.2(21) + SM 85-2 + SM 85-3 4.2(120) 10.96(313) 821 1060 263(1187) 449(2021) 27.91(32.16) 28.46(32.79)
63.58(28.9) + SM 85-4 3.88(111) 10.60(303) 707 879 276(1244) 487(2191) 39.41(45.4) 44.88(51.7)
89.65(40.7) + SM 85-5 3.60(103) 9.73(278) 592 784 296(1333) 566(2548) 60.20(69.36) 65.67(75.66)
110 17.6(8) piston 7.35(210) 15.08(431) 2133 2571 334(1505) 634(2852) 5.23(6.03) 6.83(7.87)
25.89(11.7) + SM 85-2 7.32(209) 15.05(430) 1760 2160 346(1559) 641(2884) 7.97(9.18) 9.78(11.27)
45.17(20.5) + SM 85-3 7.21(206) 14.66(419) 1324 1655 364(1638) 665(2993) 14.79(17.04) 17.3(19.93)
53(24) + SM 85-2 + SM 85-3 7.10(203) 14.56(416) 1200 1527 372(1677) 671(3018) 18.44(21.24) 20.48(23.6)
70.38(32) + SM 85-4 6.68(191) 14.10(403) 1046 1292 398(1794) 667(3001) 25.94(29.89) 28.45(32.78)
97.8(44.5) + SM 85-5 6.3(180) 13.76(393) 900 1143 381(1718) 709(3192) 33.57(38.67) 38.60(44.57)
NTK 8 AL 0.32(8) 0.87(22) 3.58(91) 0.88(22) 0.2(5) 1.26(32) 0.73(18.5)
NTK 25 AL 0.99(25) 1.97(50) 5.44(138) 2.13(54) 0.28(7) 2.05(52) 1.16(29.5)
NTK 40 AL 1.58(40) 2.88(73) 5.52(140) 3.11(79) 0.47(12) 2.25(57) 1.36(34.5)
NTK 55 AL 2.17(55) 3.88(98) 5.24(133) 4.29(109) 0.79(20) 2.29(58) 1.52(38.5)
H & J K L & M R S T U sw
NTK 8 AL M 5 N/A M5 0.59(15) 0.28(7) 1.85(47) 3.01(77) 0.28(7)
NTK 25 AL M 16 N/A G 1/4 0.98(25) 0.71(18) 2.84(72) 4.75(121) 0.8722()
NTK 40 AL M 16 0.32(8) G 3/8 0.98(25) 0.79(20) 2.88(73) 4.83(123) 1.26(32)
NTK 55 AL M 20 0.39(10) G 3/8 1.58(40) 1.38(35) 2.60(66) 4.53(115) 1.81(46)
NTK 15 X 0.59(15) 1.97(50) 4.49(114) 0.35(9) 1.5(38) 0.93(24) M 10 N/A
NTK 16 0.63(16) 1.93(49) 4.37(111) 0.2(5) 1.5(38) 0.85(22) M 10 N/A
NTK 18 AL 0.71(18) 1.93(49) 4.57(116) 0.31(8) 1.65(42) 0.98(25) M 10 N/A
NTK 25 0.98(25) 2.52(64) 5.43(138) 0.35(9) 2.05(52) 1.20(31) M 16 N/A
NTK 40 1.57(40) 3.31(84) 5.51(140) 0.47(12) 2.13(54) 1.30(33) M 16 N/A
NTK 55 2.17(55) 4.33(110) 4.92(125) 0.75(19) 2.17(55) 1.50(38) M 20 3.78(96)
NTK 85 3.35(85) 6.3(160) 4.80(122) 0.79(20) 1.77(45) 1.28(33) M 20 5.63(143)
NTK 110 4.33(110) 7.87(200) 4.80(122) 0.87(22) 2.17(55) 1.52(39) M 20 7.17(182)
NTK 15 X N/A G 1/8 G 1/8 N/A 0.79(20) 0.39(10) 2.17(55) 3.90(99) 0.5(13)
NTK 16 N/A G 1/8 G 1/8 N/A 0.83(21) 0.39(10) 2.24(57) 3.78(96) 0.55(14)
NTK 18 AL N/A G 1/8 G 1/8 N/A 0.83(21) 0.39(10) 2.44(62) 3.98(101) 0.63(16)
NTK 25 N/A G 1/4 G 1/4 N/A 0.98(25) 0.39(10) 2.87(73) 4.92(125) 0.87(22)
NTK 40 N/A G 3/8 G 1/4 N/A 1.57(40) 0.59(15) 2.87(73) 4.84(123) 1.26(32)
NTK 55 N/A G 3/8 G 3/8 4 ˘ 8,5 1.57(40) 1.18(30) 2.36(60) 4.25(108) 1.811(46)
NTK 85 0.50(13) 2 x G 3/8 G 3/8 6 ˘ 10,0 1.57(40) 0.79(20) 2.24(57) 4.13(105) N/A
NTK 110 0.50(13) 2 x G 1/2 2 x G 3/8 8 ˘ 12,5 1.57(40) 0.98(25) 2.24(57) 4.13(105) N/A


No Lubrication Required

AL models are lubrication-free, eliminating the use of messy, maintenance-intensive lubricators. No oil mist is discharged into the atmosphere.


Noise levels are 60 to 75 dBA, well below regulatory limits.

Infinite Adjustability

NTK® Oscillators offer separate and independent adjustment of both frequency and amplitude, providing exactly the right force time after time.

Additional Specifications

  • Air pressure range: 30-60 psi
  • Operating temperature: 32° – 120° F, special low & high temperature models available.
  • Air Preparation: 5-micron filter, pressure regulator & lubricator for steel models. 3-way control valve required.
  • Force (maximum): 7-900 force-lbs.
  • Warranty: 3-years when operated within recommendations.
  • Included: Muffler, nipple & mounting bolts.


Custom Tables For Almost Any Application

The 100% linear force combined with infinite adjustability of both frequency and amplitude make the NTK® Oscillator the perfect choice for:

  • Shaking bins with light bulk density materials
  • Feeder, screen & conveyor drives
  • Bulk bag & box settling
  • Compaction tables
  • Paper joggers

NTK® Oscillator Spec Sheet Download


Best uses and case studies for NTK® Oscillators

  • Separating Products for Individual Packaging

    A customer that manufactures metal tweezers found that, as the items came off the production line, they were frequently interlocked with each other. In order to put them into boxes for delivery, they had to be separated into single tweezers. This step, if done manually, is time-consuming, inefficient and expensive.

    To automate the process, the customer purchased a MARTIN® NTK® Pneumatic Linear Vibrator with adjustable amplitude and installed it on the conveyor. The vibrator produced a high-amplitude, low-frequency vibration that workers could adjust as needed, automating the process of separating the tweezers.

  • Separating Large and Small Rocks in Gravel

    A customer in the construction industry was working with gravel consisting of rocks of varying sizes, which needed to be separated into groups of large and small rocks while conveying the gravel from one station in the process to the next.

    The customer purchased a closed trough and sieve with dual outlets, one for larger rocks and one for smaller rocks. The sieve is driven by a MARTIN® NTK® 85 NF Pneumatic Linear Vibrator connected via FlexiLink. During processing, the smaller rocks fell through the openings of the sieve and were conveyed through one outlet, while the larger rocks stayed on top of the mesh and were conveyed through the other outlet.

  • Separating Ceramic Pieces for Inspection

    A company was creating ceramics for dentures, an expensive product which had to be very pure due to its intended use in the medical and pharmaceutical fields. To ensure this purity, a person would check the ceramic pieces using a magnifying glass combined with a lamp. But before this person could check each single ceramic piece, they had to be separated from each other, because they would often fall too close together or lie on top of one another during the process.

    We solved this problem using pneumatic linear vibrators in tandem on a two-tray system. On the first tray, a MARTIN® NTK® Oscillator separates the ceramic pieces as they fall out of the hopper. The second tray is quicker, and its purpose is to increase the distance between the single ceramics pieces and convey them to the bin positioned at the output. Between the first and the second tray there is a “step” so that the ceramic pieces turn while falling onto the second tray so that the visual check can be performed again by looking at other sides of each piece.

    The trays are made of electro-polished stainless steel to ensure the required high sanitation standards.

  • Plastic Granulate Through Rubber Pipes

    A customer in the chemical manufacturing industry was working with plastic granulate material that was required to flow through rubber pipes. Over time, the material would build up and adhere to the insides of the pipe, restricting flow. This had an adverse effect on efficiency and caused substantial downtime as the equipment had to be shut down so workers could clean the pipes and remove any material that had accumulated.

    By installing a MARTIN® NTK® Oscillator, vibration is now applied to the flexible rubber pipe, improving the flow of material and resulting in a complete emptying and cleaning of the pipe. Efficiency and throughput have increased and downtimes for cleaning have been eliminated.

  • Stopping Beach Erosion

    A customer in the construction industry needed to test the tolerance and stability of a type of wooden beam when driven into the sand near the shore so as to prevent beach erosion caused by sediment washing out to sea. At this location the beam would be constantly impacted by waves thereby causing material fatigue.

    The customer purchased a MARTIN® NTK® 25 Pneumatic Linear Vibrator, which was able to simulate the long-term effects of the impacts on the beam within a short period of time. It was also possible to regulate the force of the simulated waves. As a result, engineers were able to determine the stability of the beam and project its durability.

  • Compacting Manufacturing Component Parts for Shipping Efficiency

    A customer manufacturing component parts was experiencing inefficiency in shipping their product because, as the components were being fed into the shipping containers, a cone-shaped mound formed, leaving open space on the sides of the mound and between components. This made sealing the boxes impossible without reducing the number of components and leaving a substantial amount of space in the box.

    The customer agreed that compaction with an industrial vibrator was the optimal solution for flattening the contents of the box. However, because the customer did not want to increase production time, it was required that the vibration be part of the production chain. They installed a Martin NTK pneumatic linear vibrator to a vibrating table for roller conveyors fitted with rollers, using a set of air bellows to lift the box before compaction. As a result, the customer was able to flatten the angle of repose in process, thereby making the most efficient use of the space within the boxes and reducing the company’s shipping costs.

  • Compacting Electronic Components

    A customer that manufactures electronic components was experiencing inefficiency in its shipping because the loose components did not completely fill the boxes they were being shipped in. As the components were being fed into the boxes, a mound accumulated in the center that extended above the top of the box, making it difficult to close and seal the package.

    By applying a MARTIN® NTK® 40 AL Pneumatic Linear Vibrator to the side of the box, the customer compacted the contents of the box, flattening the angle of repose and allowing more components to be shipped in each box. This minimized the number of boxes being shipped and therefore substantially reduced the shipping cost. Furthermore, by applying the vibrator with a vacuum fixing device, a single vibrator could be moved easily from box to box.

  • Compacting Bulk Solid Powder for Shipping

    A customer in the chemical manufacturing industry was using a feeder system to fill boxes with a bulk solid powder for shipping. The feeder was configured to fill six boxes simultaneously. During the filling process, a cone-shaped mound formed on top of the material, extending above the top of the box.

    The customer installed a MARTIN® NTK® 8 AL Pneumatic Linear Vibrator to the table, vibrating the boxes while and after they are filled, flattening the angle of repose and allowing for more product to be put in the box before closing and sealing it. As a result, the customer was able to ship more product on each truckload, substantially reducing shipping costs.

  • Dosing with Vibration to Improve Efficiency and Safety

    A food industry customer that was having salt added manually into a container filled with ingredients discovered that it was not being spread evenly throughout the recipe. The process was both slow and costly because of the use of personnel. Furthermore, because their employees were working in close proximity to the moving parts, like mixers, they were concerned about worker safety.

    The customer purchased and installed an eight-liter hopper and tray mounted with a MARTIN® NTK® 18 pneumatic linear vibrator and a DosyPack dosing station, automating the dosing process. This resulted in accurate, evenly distributed dosing of the salt and substantially reduced labor costs.

  • Automatically Conveying Tobacco for Increased Profit

    A customer in the tobacco industry was having workers manually move product from one production station to the next. This was an inefficient and costly process, with substantial room for human error and inconsistency in the amount of product being moved and the time it took to move it.

    The customer purchased and installed an automated conveyor system equipped with a MARTIN® NTK® 40 Pneumatic Linear Vibrator that now moves the tobacco through an enclosed tube from station to station. This has resulted in a significant reduction in cost because it requires less manual labor and downtime is minimized. Additionally, the process is faster and the product is fed with more uniformity.

  • Perfect Blending With A MARTIN® NTK® Oscillator

    An Illinois ice cream manufacturer was having difficulties keeping sugar flowing down a feeding chute. The product would bridge and cling to the sides of the chute, creating inconsistency in the product blend.


    Their existing chute did not blend product consistently and would cling to its side. This created a problem with their product blending and the cleaning and maintenance of the chute was costly.


    MARTIN® Vibration Systems originally installed a MARTIN® NTK® Oscillator (P-1.25 Piston Vibrator) on the chute. However, because of noise and air consumption, it was then replaced with an NTK-1 Aluminum Oscillator. All flow problems have been eliminated with this application.

  • Bakery Packages Cookies With MARTIN® NTK® Oscillator

    A large bakery in Atlanta, Georgia shipped broken cookie pieces in bulk to be used in cookies & cream ice cream. The cookies are cooked whole, broken, and fed by conveyor into boxes that are lined with a plastic bag. The process is continuous, and the operator was often left shaking the boxes to level the cookies and remove air pockets that developed between the box and the plastic.


    Shaking the boxes to level product slows production and decreases speed and daily output. In addition, the repetitive shaking of boxes caused complaints of fatigue from the operators that resulted in shifting personnel from one task to another, further slowing production. Rather than shaking the entire box conveyor as requested by our customer, we approached this problem by installing a MARTIN® NTK® Oscillator (NTK-25).


    MARTIN® Vibration Systems fabricated an assembly to attach to the underside of the live roller conveyor, piped the vibrator to be activated by foot pedal at the operations station, and included a rubber pad on the piston end of the vibrator to be used as a “strike plate.” When activated, the MARTIN® NTK-25 taps the box (similar to the shaking procedure used by the operator), levels the cookies, and helps dissipate the air pockets. This one vibrator increased output, reduced employee complaints, and eliminated the need for additional controls and conveyor modification.

  • Solving Tobacco Packaging Issue With the MARTIN® NTK® Oscillator

    An Indiana chewing tobacco manufacturer was having quality and quantity problems with a particular product: ground tobacco contained in a small paper pouch, commonly referred to as chew or snuff.


    The problem was that, as the automated machinery dropped the desired 20 pouches into a small cylindrical plastic can, the pouches would lay on the edge of the can. When the lid was put on, the pouches would be squashed, half in and half out of the container. This would obviously cause a rejected can. In addition, the pouches would get clogged in the machinery prior to dropping into the can. This would result in one can having perhaps 16 pouches while another might have 24 pouches.


    MARTIN® Vibration Systems recommended mounting a MARTIN® NTK® Oscillator (NTK-8AL) under each loading point. This small vibrator moves and compacts the pouches properly in the can. At the same time, it keeps the pouches flowing freely down the loading tube. An estimated 40% rejection rate has now been reduced to less than 5%, and the cans have the proper number of pouches in them.

  • Sort Product with the MARTIN® NTK® Oscillator

    A maintenance manager of a mushroom farm in Illinois approached us with a problem with their slicing mechanism. The operation produces in excess of 24 million pounds of mushrooms per year. These are the white and brown “button” mushrooms you can find in any supermarket. They are packaged both whole and sliced.


    Their slicing operation was causing problems because the mushrooms are sliced into thin strips by an automatic machine and there was no way to separate the very small pieces from the usable slices. They needed to find a way to separate the strips from the undersized parts.


    The finished product is essentially a screening unit made of Teflon-coated stainless steel with 5/8″ diameter perforations. The screen, powered by a MARTIN® NTK® Oscillator (NTK-40) with a two-pound weight attached, is mounted on fiberglass springs and sits about 40″ off the floor on an epoxy-painted steel base. A stainless-steel can placed underneath catches the undersized pieces.

  • Aluminum Shot – MARTIN® NTK® Oscillator Solution

    A manufacturer of aluminum shot was having serious quality control problems regarding the size and shape of his product. Pieces were deformed or elongated to the point where his customers were complaining.


    The existing solution was to use MARTIN® UCVR-8.20 Vibrators to meter the product during its formation. This method gave them the required tonnage per hour, but not the surface quality they desired.


    The introduction of a MARTIN® NTK® Oscillator (NTK-85) has since greatly improved the uniformity of their product while maintaining desired production levels. The additional benefits of less noise and reduced air consumption have greatly improved the work environment.

  • Material Flow Solutions – Feeding Chute

    A customer who manufactures ice cream was having difficulties keeping sugar flowing down a feeding chute. The product would bridge and cling to the sides of the chute, creating inconsistency in the product blend.


    The first unit installed on the chute was our P-1.25 Piston Vibrator. However, because of noise and air consumption, the MARTIN® NTK® Oscillator (NTK-1 Aluminum) was used in its place. All flow problems have been eliminated with this application.

  • Eliminate Vibration & Reduce Driver Fatigue

    Nissan Canada Inc. introduced a new line of fork lift trucks featuring an innovative “floating cab” designed to eliminate vibration and reduce driver fatigue.


    Drummond Equipment, Inc. was asked to supply mechanical equipment to simulate the vibration frequency and amplitude generated by a running lift truck so the benefits of the “floating cab” could be demonstrated at an indoor materials handling show.


    Under our direction, the motor was removed and replaced with a MARTIN® NTK® Oscillator (NTK-110) with 50 lb. weight on a mount bracket of our design. In addition to the NTK-110 and mount bracket, the customer also purchased the air line accessories required to complete the equipment package.

  • Broken Cookies – Bakery Packaging Solutions

    A large bakery recently approached us with an unusual vibrator application. One of the products they produce is broken cookies that are shipped in bulk to be used in cookies & cream ice cream. The cookies are cooked whole, broken, and fed by conveyor into boxes that are lined with a plastic bag. The process is continuous, and the operator was often left shaking the boxes to level the cookies and remove air pockets that developed between the box and the plastic.


    This “leveling” procedure slowed the packaging process, which reduced production speed and daily output. In addition, the repetitive shaking of boxes caused complaints of fatigue from the operators that resulted in shifting personnel from one task to another, further slowing production. Rather than shaking the entire box conveyor as requested by our customer, we approached this problem with a MARTIN® NTK® Oscillator (NTK-25). We fabricated this assembly to attach to the underside of the live roller conveyor, piped the vibrator to be activated by foot pedal at the operations station, and included a rubber pad on the piston end of the vibrator to be used as a “strike plate.” When activated, the NTK-25 taps the box (similar to the shaking procedure used by the operator), levels the cookies, and helps dissipate the air pockets. We accomplish this at 5 PSI.


    With the location of our “box bumper,” we interfered with a discharge/diverter plate, activated by a metal detector, that dumped potentially contaminated cookies into a waste container. Rather than moving this “last stage” metal detection to another location upstream, we recommended fabrication of a feeder pan that, when attached to the vibrator piston, would then feed cookies to the back side of the vibrator into the same waste container as originally used. We have used one vibrator to increase output, reduce employee complaints, and eliminate the need for additional controls and conveyor modification.

    More importantly, this baker, who has always been a good MARTIN® Vibration Systems customer, has a reinforced image of us as the company that provides solutions. That’s gratifying and profitable.

  • MARTIN® NTK® Oscillator Moves Pellets Down Conveyor

    A local chemical plant handles small catalytic pellets that are wet when they are fed onto the belt and run through a furnace where they are dried out. After being dried out, the pellets become hard and brittle and break during handling, which causes build-up of debris, causing the belt to mistrack.


    After the pellets are dried out they become hard and brittle and break during handling. The problem occurs when these pellets break, the fines and dust fall between the weave on the wire belt and build up causing the belt to mistrack.


    From tapping on the underside of the belt and noticing how easily the build falls loose, MARTIN® Vibration Systems recommended mounting a MARTIN® NTK® Oscillator (NTK-5) under the belt to provide the tapping action. The NTK-5 was mounted in such a way that the tapping affect would be transmitted along the belt’s entire width.

  • MARTIN® NTK® Oscillator Unplugs Bagging Machine

    A large blending plant in Illinois was experiencing difficulty filling their large bagging machine.


    As the bagging machines filled, hopper levels were visually checked with a sight glass. Often, flour would plug these sight glasses, resulting in lost production.


    A MARTIN® NTK® Oscillator (NTK-8) was super-glued to the sight glass. This small amount of vibration kept the glass clear with no damage to the glass.

  • Solving a Material Flow Issue with the MARTIN® NTK® Pneumatic Oscillator

    A well known food company in Kitchener, Ontario is a manufacturer of biscuits and cookies. The company uses several of our Piglet Belt Scrapers to make cookies that contain marshmallows and chocolate.


    On a visit to the plant, an engineer inquired as to whether or not we could address and possibly fix a vibration issue. It turns out that a pivoting motion was causing an arm weldment to repeatedly strike a wire mesh screen belt and cause a pivoting oscillation in an axis. As a result, cookies and chocolate were passing through the system, and the ingredients were creating a mess of the screen which was to be recycled.

    The issue was one of quality control. The amount of chocolate adhering to the screen versus the amount of chocolate passing through the screen was the problem. Despite the temperature control and the fat formulation, originally the end product was not turning out as expected.


    The MARTIN® NTK® Pneumatic Oscillator was the solution to the problem, as it was found that it works in a pivoting motion. The operator is now working correctly to consistently produce a delicious, high-quality cookie.

  • Confectionary Company Uses MARTIN® NTK® Oscillators For Candy Coating

    A Wisconsin confectionery was in immediate need of specific equipment in order to properly prepare their candies for human consumption. The candies initially required separating and then spreading on a processing belt to get the candies ready for coating.


    Unfortunately, the confectionary was having issues separating its small, flavored candies and dry chocolates evenly for a coating application. As a result, the company was experiencing a high amount of waste due to the clumping of the candies and chocolates.


    MARTIN® Vibration Systems promptly installed our MARTIN® NTK® Oscillators to the shaking-zone frame to control noise and to create vibration between 60 and 70 dBa. Additionally, there was no oil mist discharge present. Our Oscillators boast an instant stop and start capability, and as a result, the lubrication-free equipment has considerably improved the packaging process of the Wisconsin confectionery, now resulting in very low waste of the candies and chocolates.