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Hauling top soil, cement, gravel, yard waste, or salt in your dump trailer, dump truck, or salt spreader can increase unloading times dramatically. As well as create opportunities for operator injury by having to shovel/sweep out the dump bed.

Introducing the Click & Shake™ Truck Vibrators

A rotary electric vibrator that can be mounted anywhere using a weld-on mount. The Click & Shake™ Truck Vibrator has been proven to empty dump beds quickly and completely, allowing even the most stubborn materials to flow more easily. With the Click & Shake™ Vibrator in place, drivers can empty large loads without having to sweep or shovel out the stuck-on material and reducing the risk for injury.

Controlling the Click & Shake™ Truck Vibrator has never been easier with our revolutionary wireless remote control – which is a unique accessory. This control box can be mounted in line with the vibrator power supply, and allows you to control the vibrator wirelessly without the need for drilling/mounting a switch inside your cab. No more drilling holes into your cab and dashboard! Simply press/hold the on button and the vibrator will run until you let go of it. Everything is included to wire the control box up to your vehicle’s electrical system, including a fused power supply for the vibrator.

Do not have access to a fabrication shop for a mounting bracket? No worries, we have you covered! We have mounting brackets designed for all of our vibrators. All you will have to do is find someone to weld it in for you!

NEW! Click & Shake™ Truck Vibrators

Available in four convenient sizes. Perfect for any capacity!

Click & Shake™ Performance Data
NED-0.5T NED 5016 1 24/12 0.6/1.4
NED-1.5T NED 50100 2-5 4.0/8.0
NED-2.5T NED 50200 5 4.0/8.0
NED-5T NED 50300 10 11.3/22.5
Click & Shake™ Dimensions
  A B C D E F
NED-0.5T 4.76(121) 3.03(77) (3.03)77 - 2.20(56) -
NED-1.5T 8.23(209) 6.08(154.5) 6.46(164) 2.56(65) 5.51(140) 0.98(25)
NED-2.5T 8.86(225) 6.08(154.5) 6.46(164) 2.56(65) 5.51(140) 0.98(25)
NED-5T 11.3(288) 7.99(203) 6.57(167) 4.13(105) 5.51(140) 1.18(30)
  G H I M N L
NED-0.5T 0.35(9) 1.52(38.5) 1.14(29) 2.48(63) - 2.99(76)
NED-1.5T 0.51(13) 3.78(96) 1.77(45) 5.04(128) 4.61(117) 3.94(100)
NED-2.5T 0.51(13) 3.78(96) 2.09(53) 5.04(128) 4.61(117) 3.94(100)
NED-5T 0.51(13) 3.25(82.5) 2.20(65) 5.51(140) 6.30(160) 5.71(145)


The benefits of Click & Shake™ Truck Vibrators include:
  • Simple one-click emptying of load
  • Faster unloading
  • Reduced downtime
  • Improved operator safety
  • Less damage to the truck
  • Washdown-safe

Martin® Click & Shake™ Truck Vibrators Spec Sheet Download