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Compaction of Caps in Gaylords

A plastic closure manufacturing company contacted us to design a horizontal compaction table, that would be used for settling closures in gaylords. Their needs were... Learn More

Compaction of Preforms in Totes

A plastic injection molding company contacted us to design a custom compaction table that would be used for settling preforms in totes, after production, with... Learn More

Adjustable Start/Stop Settings By Weight or Time

3.25” above ground. The pallet can be transported using a forklift truck. The compaction table stands on load cells. The frequency converter and load cell... Learn More

Explosion-Proof – Safe To Use On Combustible Products

Use in explosion-proof area. Installation in a roller conveyor. Height from top side of the roller to floor only 16”. Explosion-proof vibrators are fixed on... Learn More

Flexible Solutions for Loads Up To 3,500 Pounds

4” above ground - stainless steel compaction table. Designed for loading with a fork truck. Learn More

Place Pallets on Table Easily With Pallet Jack

The pallet can be placed on the vibrating table using a pallet jack. Learn More

Sturdy Construction Allows You To Sync Vibrators

3.15” above ground, very rigid construction to allow synchronizing of vibrators. Gap for pallet jack. Learn More

Compaction of Bulk Material in Bags

High amplitude is achieved with linear vibration. Pneumatic springs were used to offer spring rate adjustment. Complete pneumatic control and exhaust throttle mounted on the... Learn More

Compaction of Big Bags on Pallets

Mounted on a scale. The height is limited to 12”. Very soft springs isolate the load cells from the vibration. The edges are equipped with... Learn More

Compacting Bulk Materials in Big Bags With Compaction Table Mounted on Scissor Lift

Limestone is filled into big bags. The vibrating table is mounted on a scissor lift table. This is lifted 2 m to touch the big... Learn More

Tell Us About Your Specific Compaction Table Needs. Click Here!