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The NEW E-Z™ Dry Ingredient Spreader applies dry ingredients, including seasonings, spices, chopped nuts and frozen foods to conveyed products accurately. Mounted directly above conveyors, product is metered directly on to baked goods or frozen entrees.

Using the same proven technology as the MARTIN® E-Z™ FEEDER SYSTEM, consistent feed rates are guaranteed. The powerful, energy efficient, pneumatic drive delivers what you need, where you need it and when you need it. The instant on, instant off operation ensures exact metering with no wasted ingredients.

All E-Z™ Dry Topping Spreaders are fabricated from 304 S.S. and then electro-polished, providing a sanitary design that is a snap to clean.

E-Z Dry Topping Spreader Dimensions
A* B* C D E
(Custom Widths) 15.5(393) 14.5(368) 1.75(44)
inches (mm) *dependent on conveyor width


Clean, Sanitary Design

Standard, all electro-polished 304 SS fabrication powered by a corrosion-proof, pneumatic drive. Cleaning and maintenance is simple compared to other dry topping machines.

Fast, Accurate Dispensing

Instant on, instant off.

Versatile Design

Installs directly above any conveyor from 6 to 36” wide. Please consult factory for sizes over 36.”

E-Z™ Dry Ingredient Spreader Spec Sheet Download


See the MARTIN® E-Z™ Dry Ingredient Spreader in action!

Dispense ingredients evenly in food production

Spreading dry ingredients is easy with the MARTIN® E-Z™ Dry Ingredient Spreader. Accurately distributes seasonings, frozen foods, nuts, and more on products like baked goods or frozen entrees with minimal waste. Stainless steel surfaces are sanitary and easy to clean.