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Compaction of Wet Stone Veneer in Molds

A large stone veneer manufacturer contacted us to design a custom compaction table that would be used for compacting wet stone veneer in molds to... Learn More

Compaction of Refractory Concrete in Molds

Molds with refractory concrete are transported using roller conveyors. The customer wanted a vibrating table with roller conveyors for compaction. We selected a pneumatic vibrator,... Learn More

Compaction of Gabions

Placing on air spring bellows necessary for optimum vibration insulation. Compacting requires a directed movement. Learn More

Compacts Up To 25 Tons of Foundry Sand in Forms

Big load, placing on air spring bellows are necessary for an optimum of vibration insulation. Learn More

Protects Rollers By Lifting Form Before Vibration

The table lifts the form from the roller track and vibrates. Learn More

At 14″ Tall, This Compaction Table Needs Minimal Space

Placing on coil springs necessary for optimum vibration insulation. Very low overall height of 14”. Learn More

Can Handle Loads Up To 16 Tons

Placing on coil springs necessary for optimum vibration insulation. Learn More

Compaction of Fiberglass Concrete

Vibration table integrated in the conveyor belt. Lateral guide tracks. Base frame completely coated to prevent penetration of dirt. Learn More

Compaction of Concrete Loads Up To 3,000 Pounds

Directional oscillations by 2 electric external vibrators with sense of rotation in opposite direction. As the load is constant in relation with the dead weight... Learn More

Compaction of Concrete in Forms

The form is 20’ long. The form is placed on three vibrating stands and clamped tightly. The vibrating plate with the two vibrators is mounted... Learn More