Case Study: Labor Costs Reduced By 50%

Problem A chemical supplier was experiencing high labor costs when filling containers by hand. The operator positioned 1 & 1.5-pound containers on a scale and scooped material into the containers, by hand, until the weight was reached. Solution A special… Learn More

Case Study: Eliminating Hammering to Avoid Bridging

A customer in the chemical manufacturing industry was experiencing substantial bridging and buildup of product inside its hoppers during emptying, especially when working with fine powders and substances that tended to retain slight amounts of moisture. This meant that the only way to achieve thorough emptying was to strike the sides… Learn More

Case Study: Combustion Gas Fuel in a Heat Exchanger

A power plant was experiencing decreased efficiency with a heat exchanger because the combustion gas fuel was creating ash deposits on the tubes. The ash buildup was acting as an insulator, obstructing the transfer of heat energy through the tube walls. The company installed a… Learn More

Case Study: Bulk Solid Chemical Bridging and Sticking

A customer in the chemical manufacturing industry, working with a 400-liter stainless steel hopper containing a fine bulk solid powder, faced significant challenges with flow, which led to inefficient emptying of the container. Build-up that included bridging, ratholing and material sticking to… Learn More

Case Study: Increasing Efficiency by Eliminating Blockages

A customer working with large amounts of wood chips was experiencing difficulty completely unloading the trucks delivering the material. Once the wagon silo was turned over the container, the wood chips passed through a sieve grate that prevented the largest pieces from… Learn More

Case Study: Separating Products for Individual Packaging

A customer that manufactures metal tweezers found that, as the items came off the production line, they were frequently interlocked with each other. In order to put them into boxes for delivery, they had to be separated into single tweezers. This step, if done manually, is time-consuming,… Learn More

Case Study: Separating Large and Small Rocks in Gravel

A customer in the construction industry was working with gravel consisting of rocks of varying sizes, which needed to be separated into groups of large and small rocks while conveying the gravel from one station in the process to the next. The customer purchased a closed… Learn More

Case Study: Separating Ceramic Pieces for Inspection

A company was creating ceramics for dentures, an expensive product which had to be very pure due to its intended use in the medical and pharmaceutical fields. To ensure this purity, a person would check the ceramic pieces using a magnifying glass… Learn More

Case Study: Plastic Granulate Through Rubber Pipes

A customer in the chemical manufacturing industry was working with plastic granulate material that was required to flow through rubber pipes. Over time, the material would build up and adhere to the insides of the pipe, restricting flow. This had an adverse effect on… Learn More

Case Study: Stopping Beach Erosion

A customer in the construction industry needed to test the tolerance and stability of a type of wooden beam when driven into the sand near the shore so as to prevent beach erosion caused by sediment washing out to sea. At this location the beam would be constantly impacted by… Learn More