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Case Study: Separating Ceramic Pieces for Inspection

A company was creating ceramics for dentures, an expensive product which had to be very pure due to its intended use in the medical and pharmaceutical fields. To ensure this purity, a person would check the ceramic pieces using a magnifying glass… Learn More

Case Study: Plastic Granulate Through Rubber Pipes

A customer in the chemical manufacturing industry was working with plastic granulate material that was required to flow through rubber pipes. Over time, the material would build up and adhere to the insides of the pipe, restricting flow. This had an adverse effect on… Learn More

Case Study: Stopping Beach Erosion

A customer in the construction industry needed to test the tolerance and stability of a type of wooden beam when driven into the sand near the shore so as to prevent beach erosion caused by sediment washing out to sea. At this location the beam would be constantly impacted by… Learn More

Case Study: Compacting Manufacturing Component Parts for Shipping Efficiency

A customer manufacturing component parts was experiencing inefficiency in shipping their product because, as the components were being fed into the shipping containers, a cone-shaped mound formed, leaving open space on the sides of the mound and between components. This made sealing the boxes impossible… Learn More

Case Study: Compacting Electronic Components

A customer that manufactures electronic components was experiencing inefficiency in its shipping because the loose components did not completely fill the boxes they were being shipped in. As the components were being fed into the boxes, a mound accumulated in the center that extended above… Learn More

Case Study: Compacting Bulk Solid Powder for Shipping

A customer in the chemical manufacturing industry was using a feeder system to fill boxes with a bulk solid powder for shipping. The feeder was configured to fill six boxes simultaneously. During the filling process, a cone-shaped mound formed on top of the material, extending… Learn More

Case Study: Vibrating Precast Concrete Slabs

A customer is involved in the manufacture of precast concrete slabs for a variety of uses. In order to compact concrete while it is poured into the mold, we supplied him with pneumatic vibrators and brackets adapted to his automatic carousel production. The… Learn More

Case Study: Using Vibration to Eliminate Frozen Screws

An energy customer was using a large container in its power plant operations with a cover that was screwed into place. Due to the internal pressure of the container, the screws that secured the cover would frequently become deformed. That, combined with the introduction of small amounts… Learn More

Case Study: Preventing Logjams During the Conveyor Process

A customer working with metal bolts without heads was using a conventional linear conveyor system to feed the bolts along the process. With this system, the bolts would frequently become wedged between moving parts, creating a logjam as bolts accumulated behind the wedged pieces. This caused… Learn More

Case Study: Paprika Powder Retaining Moisture

A customer in food manufacturing was using paprika powder as an ingredient, which required emptying it from a 56-liter silo and dosing with a DosyPack. Due to the hygroscopic qualities of paprika powder, the material would frequently retain moisture, causing the material… Learn More