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Case Study: Bakery Packages Cookies With MARTIN® NTK® Oscillator

A large bakery in Atlanta, Georgia shipped broken cookie pieces in bulk to be used in cookies & cream ice cream. The cookies are cooked whole, broken, and fed by conveyor into boxes that are lined with a plastic bag.… Learn More

Case Study: Perfect Blending With A MARTIN® NTK® Oscillator

An Illinois ice cream manufacturer was having difficulties keeping sugar flowing down a feeding chute. The product would bridge and cling to the sides of the chute, creating inconsistency in the product blend. Learn More

Case Study: Reduce Costs by Implementing A MARTIN® NTS™ Non-Impacting Vibrator

A Michigan manufacturer was experiencing costly maintenance problems with their electric vibrators inside their wood-fired power plant. These vibrators continuously caused damage to the screen deck and supports, which in turn required costly rebuilds and repairs. Learn More

Case Study: Eliminating Product Build-Up During Packaging for a Nutraceutical Company

An Illinois nutraceutical company had applied a variety of solutions for packaging problems with one of their botanical food supplements with no success. This low-volume, fine and dry ergogenic aid required constant manual manipulation by the assembly workers. Learn More

Case Study: Eliminating Build-Up At A Crushed Stone Quarry

A crushed-stone quarry in Tennessee was experiencing problems with material build-up in the feeder hopper under their sizing screens. Learn More

Case Study: Settling And Compacting Product At A Pharmaceutical Company

A West Coast pharmaceutical company had a weighing and packaging machine that required employee intervention with a tapping hammer in order to settle the contents properly. Learn More

Case Study: Compacting Material At A Precast Concrete Producer

A precast concrete producer in North Carolina was looking for a very high-performance, high-frequency roller vibrator for the compaction of concrete. Learn More

Case Study: Settling Product For Shipping At A Jellybean Manufacturer

A Jellybean manufacturer in Minnesota hoped to increase productivity by replacing antiquated vibration equipment with new equipment for shaking the product to provide the proper settling of contents before shipping. Learn More

Case Study: Settling Veggies For Storage At A North American Vegetable Grower

This large vegetable producer in North America was on a quest to get more vegetables into their Gaylord containers and reduce their cold storage cost, while they waited to process and package the veggies after the harvest. Learn More