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Case Study: Successful Lime Compaction Using MARTIN® NTS™ 50/04 Non-Impacting Vibrator

A lime processing plant in Brazil was having a problem loading lime into tank trucks. The lime was not filling the tank completely and therefore wasting a lot of space. Learn More

Case Study: MOTOMAGNETIC® Electric Vibrator – Bulk Material Flow

Large bulk materials are the hardest materials to move with flow aids. One plant was experiencing back up with their hog fuel and woods chips. Learn More

Case Study: Sticky Situation Resolved With A MARTIN® NTS™ Non-Impacting Vibrator

A Michigan packaging company was having problems getting wood chips to discharge from storage bins. Learn More

Case Study: Peanut Packing Requires Minimal Damage Vibration

A manufacturer of stainless food handling equipment was having a problem with product damage in the handling of Spanish-style peanuts. Learn More

Case Study: Chocolate Company Needs Help With Quality Control

A chocolate mint company in Wisconsin was having quality control problems. Their chocolate mints were not evenly stratified, layered from brown chocolate to green then to dark chocolate. In addition, they wanted to reduce the re-melt of the product, reduce… Learn More

Case Study: MARTIN® XHD™ Vibrator Prevents Production Breaks

A North Carolina material stone quarry was having a problem with their pug mill plugging up and shutting down production. Learn More

Case Study: MARTIN® NTK® Oscillator Moves Pellets Down Conveyor

A local chemical plant handles small catalytic pellets that are wet when they are fed onto the belt and run through a furnace where they are dried out. After being dried out, the pellets become hard and brittle and break… Learn More

Case Study: Air Consumption Reduced With A MARTIN® NTS™ 50/04 Non-Impacting Vibrator

An Arkansas gypsum plant manager became concerned about air consumption. They saw that they would need to reduce the load on the plant air system or be forced to upgrade to a larger compressor. Learn More

Case Study: Flow Problems Solved with MARTIN® XHA™ Electric Vibrators

A large manufacturer of metal shelving was experiencing a parts flow problem on a sheet metal press. The parts being stamped were plugging the die which caused frequent quality problems and “die” damage. Learn More

Case Study: Filling Tank Trucks – MARTIN® NTS™ 50/40 Non-Impacting Vibrator with a VAC-MOUNT™ 20

A Brazilian customer was having trouble loading lime into tank trucks. Material was not flowing into the trucks and filling completely without air pockets or gaps. Learn More