Case Study: MARTIN® NTK® Oscillator Moves Pellets Down Conveyor


A local chemical plant handles small catalytic pellets that are wet when they are fed onto the belt and run through a furnace where they are dried out. After being dried out, the pellets become hard and brittle and break during handling, which causes build-up of debris, causing the belt to mistrack.


After the pellets are dried out they become hard and brittle and break during handling. The problem occurs when these pellets break, the fines and dust fall between the weave on the wire belt and build up causing the belt to mistrack.


From tapping on the underside of the belt and noticing how easily the build falls loose, MARTIN® Vibration Systems recommended mounting a MARTIN® NTK® Oscillator (NTK-5) under the belt to provide the tapping action. The NTK-5 was mounted in such a way that the tapping affect would be transmitted along the belt’s entire width.