Available in Stainless Steel

One third the air consumption of ball vibrators!

MARTIN® NCT™ Turbine Vibrators provide powerful, efficient, rotary vibratory force for activating solids in bins, hoppers, chutes, screens and feeders. These quiet vibrators are especially suited for fine, dry materials that respond to high-frequency. Parts handling, circuit board manufacturing and bottling plant applications are ideal for the MARTIN® NCT™ Series.


Sanitary coating & lubrication-free operation – perfect for food and pharmaceutical applications.

E-Z™ Vibrator Mount Kits are designed to work in harsh environments.Harsh Environments

MARTIN® NCT™ Turbine Vibrators are sealed with o-rings. This sealing system keeps liquids out, even in the harshest of environments.

On the right, a MARTIN® NCT™ Vibrator is shaking racks in a plating operation at a printed circuit board factory. Even when in constant contact with harsh chemicals, the MARTIN® NCT™ Turbines keep running.

30 PSI(2 BAR) 60 PSI(4.1 BAR) 30 PSI(2 BAR) 60 PSI(4.1 BAR) 30 PSI(2 BAR) 60 PSI(4.1 BAR)
NCT 1 29100 38820 65(288) 115(513) 0.67(19) 1.13(32)
NCT 2 21360 29520 70(311) 134(594) 0.71(20) 1.2(34)
NCT 3 26940 34900 143(637) 240(1069) 0.99(28) 1.82(52)
NCT 4 21740 26920 134(597) 206(915) 1.09(31) 1.84(52)
NCT 4i 14020 18560 111(496) 195(869) 1.09(31) 1.87(53)
NCT 5 22740 27840 312(1389) 468(2082) 3.28(93) 6.66(188.5)
NCT 10 16940 20680 339(1511) 506(2251) 3.25(92) 6.69(189.5)
NCT 10i 12200 14680 352(1567) 510(2269) 3.28(93) 6.69(190)
NCT 15 15740 20060 489(2174) 794(3530) 7.59(215) 11.94(338)
NCT 29 11920 14760 494(2197) 757(3369) 7.63(216) 11.95(338.5)
NCT 29i 7360 10240 377(1676) 729(3243) 7.52(213) 11.94(338)
NCT 55 11000 13980 813(3618) 1314(5845) 13.63(386) 23.02(652)
NCT 108 8280 10420 914(4067) 1448(6441) 13.38(379) 22.78(645)
NCT 108i 4900 6860 643(2860) 1257(5590) 13.84(392) 23.29(659.5)
NCT 126 6060 8280 582(2591) 1070(4760) 23.06(653) 41.67(1180)
NCT 250 5500 7020 933(4152) 1520(6761) 23.13(655) 41.76(1182.5)
NCT 250i N/A 5100 N/A 1603(7131) 43.15(1222) 52.16(1477)
NCT 1 & 2 1.57(40) 1.06(27) 2.76(70) 2.2(56) 0.26(6.5) 1/8 BSP 1.18(30) 0.22(5.5) 0.39(10)
NCT 3, 4 & 4I 1.97(50) 1.26(32) 3.39(86) 2.68(68) 0.28(7) 1/8 BSP 1.57(40) 0.28(7) 0.47(12)
NCT 5, 10 & 10i 2.56(65) 1.69(43) 4.45(113) 3.54(90) 0.35(9) 1/4 BSP 1.97(50) 0.35(9) 0.63(16)
NCT 15, 29 & 29i 3.15(80) 2.2(56) 5.04(128) 4.09(104) 0.35(9) 1/4 BSP 2.36(60) 0.39(10) 0.63(16)
NCT 55, 108 & 108i 3.94(100) 2.87(73) 6.3(160) 5.12(130) 0.51(13) 3/8 BSP 3.15(80) 0.47(12) 0.79(20)
NCT 126, 250 & 250i 4.72(120) 3.39(86) 7.64(194) 5.98(152) 0.67(17) 3/8 BSP 3.94(100) 0.51(13) 0.98(25)


No Lubrication Required

MARTIN® NCT™ Turbine Vibrators are lubrication-free, eliminating the use of messy, maintenance intensive lubricators. No oil mist is discharged into the atmosphere.


Noise levels are 60 – 75 dBA, well below regulatory limits.


MARTIN® NCT™ Turbine Vibrators use less than 1/3 the compressed air of ball-type units.

Additional Specifications

  • Air Pressure Range: 30 – 60 psi.
  • Operating Temperature: Max. 250° F.
  • Air Preparation: 5-micron filter, pressure regulator.
  • Force (maximum): 2700 force-lbs.
  • Warranty: 3-years when operated within recommendations.
  • Included: Muffler and nipple.

NCT™ Turbine Vibrator Spec Sheet Download


Best uses and cases studies for MARTIN® NCT™ Rotary Turbine Vibrators

  • Emptying Big Bags Completely and ATEX Safely

    A chemical industry customer frequently emptied large bags up to 1,000 liters/2,000 kg. of the product into a container, but was unable to empty the bag thoroughly. This required workers to manipulate the bag manually to make sure all of the product had been emptied. Their objective was to provide a way to automate the process so that the bags would empty thoroughly without requiring manual labor. Also, the environment is classified ATEX zone 22 because of the potential for dust so it was required that the system not produce any sparks or discharge static electricity.

    The customer installed a MARTIN® NCT™ Rotary Turbine Vibrator to a base assembly, allowing the contents of the bags to be thoroughly emptied. Also, the equipment was made according to ATEX Zone 22, eliminating the possibility of sparks or static discharge.


  • Leveling Barrel Surfaces in a Tight Space

    A customer in the chemical manufacturing industry was working with a bulk solid chemical in powder form, filling barrels for delivery. Because the angle of repose for this specific material was relatively steep, a cone formed on the surface of the product as it was being fed into the barrel. In order to fill the barrel to its full capacity and place a lid on it, this cone had to be flattened.

    Typically, we would advise the customer to fill the barrels on a compaction table, but due to limited space that was not an option. This case presented an additional challenge in that the solution had to be ATEX compliant because some of the materials were potentially explosive or flammable.

    The customer purchased and began implementing a MARTIN® NCT™ Turbine Vibrator and a MARTIN® NTS™ Non-Impacting Linear Vibrator, both of which are pneumatic vibrators, applying them to the barrels with vacuum systems. This leveled the surface of the product at the top of the barrel, allowing it to be completely filled and sealed with a cover. An additional benefit of the equipment they purchased is that the vacuum mounting is easily attached and detached from the sides of the barrels, so they can be moved quickly from barrel to barrel.

  • Separating Boxes During the Production Process

    A customer who designs facilities for packaging industry had, as part of their new manufacturing line, a process wherein flat, unfolded boxes moving along a chute were picked up and moved by a robotic arm to the next step of the process. However, because the boxes would often stick together and become unlevel, the positioning of the box was not consistent and the robotic arm would frequently miss the top one.

    The customer purchased and installed a MARTIN® NCT™ Pneumatic Turbine Vibrator under the chute. By vibrating the chute, they were able to reduce the friction between the boxes and level them into a consistent position. This allowed them to be more easily picked up by the robotic arm.

  • Eliminating Build-Up At A Crushed Stone Quarry

    A crushed-stone quarry in Tennessee was experiencing problems with material build-up in the feeder hopper under their sizing screens.


    The material (size 1/4″ down to fines) would cling to the hopper walls and build up, eventually stopping material flow and shutting down the screening operation.


    A MARTIN® NCT™ Turbine Vibrator (NCT-108) was mounted on a channel on the end wall of the hopper. The vibrator was mounted on a 5″ x 48″ long channel and located 18″ from the bottom of the bin. After two weeks of operation, the customer reports no bin or feeder stoppages at this point. They are very pleased and we are now trying to help them solve other problems at their plant.