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Case Study: Broken Cookies – Bakery Packaging Solutions

A large bakery recently approached us with an unusual vibrator application. One of the products they produce is broken cookies that are shipped in bulk to be used in cookies & cream ice cream. The cookies are cooked whole, broken,… Learn More

Case Study: Eliminate Vibration & Reduce Driver Fatigue

Nissan Canada Inc. introduced a new line of fork lift trucks featuring an innovative “floating cab” designed to eliminate vibration and reduce driver fatigue. Learn More

Case Study: Material Flow Solutions – Feeding Chute

A customer who manufactures ice cream was having difficulties keeping sugar flowing down a feeding chute. The product would bridge and cling to the sides of the chute, creating inconsistency in the product blend. Learn More

Case Study: Rotary Electric Vibrator Solution

Dow Corning of Midland, Michigan was experiencing high maintenance problems with electric vibrators in their wood-fired power plant. These rotary electric vibrators were mounted on 4′ x 6′ screens, which were used to screen pyrites from the exhaust gases. These… Learn More

Case Study: Aluminum Shot – MARTIN® NTK® Oscillator Solution

A manufacturer of aluminum shot was having serious quality control problems regarding the size and shape of his product. Pieces were deformed or elongated to the point where his customers were complaining. Learn More

Case Study: Chute Build Up – MARTIN® NTS™ 54/02 Non-Impacting Vibrator

An automobile assembly plant in Detroit, Michigan was experiencing build-up on the chute walls in their fuel handling system. Learn More

Case Study: Broken Glass Buildup – MARTIN® VAC-MOUNT™ Portable Vibrator

A large plate-glass manufacturer in Toronto was dealing with two problems: broken glass in a scrap reclaim bin not vacating, and compensation claims for back injuries resulting from the periodic cleaning of this bin. Learn More

Case Study: Sort Product with the MARTIN® NTK® Oscillator

A maintenance manager of a mushroom farm in Illinois approached us with a problem with their slicing mechanism. The operation produces in excess of 24 million pounds of mushrooms per year. These are the white and brown “button” mushrooms you… Learn More

Case Study: Solving Tobacco Packaging Issue With the MARTIN® NTK® Oscillator

An Indiana chewing tobacco manufacturer was having quality and quantity problems with a particular product: ground tobacco contained in a small paper pouch, commonly referred to as chew or snuff. Learn More

Case Study: Eliminate Backup with a MARTIN® NTS™ Non-Impacting Vibrator

MARTIN® Vibration Systems supplied stainless-steel woven wire belts to a Detroit chemical plant. This belt handles small catalytic pellets that, when exiting the furnace, are dry and brittle and fall through the weave on the wire belt, then build up… Learn More