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Case Study: Packaging Delicate Foods Without Breaking Them

A customer in the food manufacturing industry needed a process for packaging crackers on a large scale. The challenge was providing a way to move the crackers into the correct position for packaging without breaking them. This required gentle movement and precise positioning. The customer purchased… Learn More

Case Study: Leveling Barrel Surfaces in a Tight Space

A customer in the chemical manufacturing industry was working with a bulk solid chemical in powder form, filling barrels for delivery. Because the angle of repose for this specific material was relatively steep, a cone formed on the surface of the product as it was… Learn More

Case Study: Labeling Bottles with Precision

A customer that specialized in the design and production of packaging equipment was experiencing difficulty with the automatic labeling of bottles on their new assembly line. For consistency of the product packaging, the labels were required to be in a precise position so… Learn More

Case Study: Installing Cell Batteries Inline

A consumer goods manufacturer customer was assembling products that required the placement of a button cell battery into the product with a specific orientation in order for the product to be operable. The customer also needed the process to be highly efficient so that they could move products… Learn More

Case Study: Emptying Viscous Fluids More Quickly and Completely

A customer in the chemical manufacturing industry working with a highly viscous fluid was experiencing difficulty in emptying the fluid from a barrel. Because the opening through which the fluid was draining was very small, emptying the barrel was a time-consuming process. The customer purchased… Learn More

Case Study: Dosing with Vibration to Improve Efficiency and Safety

A food industry customer that was having salt added manually into a container filled with ingredients discovered that it was not being spread evenly throughout the recipe. The process was both slow and costly because of the use of personnel. Furthermore, because their employees… Learn More

Case Study: Dosing Fruit Granulate Based on a Minimum Size

A food industry customer, working with pieces of fruit granulate in various sizes, was seeking a way to improve the speed at which they were dosing and sieving the small pieces as they were conveyed along the process. Their objectives included being able to achieve consistently homogeneous dosing of… Learn More

Case Study: Conveying Sticky Bacon Slices Safely

A customer in the food service industry was challenged with moving slices of cooked bacon from a production station into a bin. Due to the grease on the product, it does not move easily along the surface of the conveyor. Also, food safety concerns required that… Learn More

Case Study: Separating Boxes During the Production Process

A customer who designs facilities for packaging industry had, as part of their new manufacturing line, a process wherein flat, unfolded boxes moving along a chute were picked up and moved by a robotic arm to the next step of the process.… Learn More

Case Study: Emptying Big Bags Completely and ATEX Safely

A chemical industry customer frequently emptied large bags up to 1,000 liters/2,000 kg. of the product into a container, but was unable to empty the bag thoroughly. This required workers to manipulate the bag manually to make sure all of the product had been emptied. Their objective was… Learn More