Case Study: Leveling Barrel Surfaces in a Tight Space

A customer in the chemical manufacturing industry was working with a bulk solid chemical in powder form, filling barrels for delivery. Because the angle of repose for this specific material was relatively steep, a cone formed on the surface of the product as it was being fed into the barrel. In order to fill the barrel to its full capacity and place a lid on it, this cone had to be flattened.

Typically, we would advise the customer to fill the barrels on a compaction table, but due to limited space that was not an option. This case presented an additional challenge in that the solution had to be ATEX compliant because some of the materials were potentially explosive or flammable.

The customer purchased and began implementing a MARTIN® NCT™ Turbine Vibrator and a MARTIN® NTS™ Non-Impacting Linear Vibrator, both of which are pneumatic vibrators, applying them to the barrels with vacuum systems. This leveled the surface of the product at the top of the barrel, allowing it to be completely filled and sealed with a cover. An additional benefit of the equipment they purchased is that the vacuum mounting is easily attached and detached from the sides of the barrels, so they can be moved quickly from barrel to barrel.