Case Study: Filling Tank Trucks – MARTIN® NTS™ 50/40 Non-Impacting Vibrator with a VAC-MOUNT™ 20


A Brazilian customer was having trouble loading lime into tank trucks. Material was not flowing into the trucks and filling completely without air pockets or gaps.


They tried to solve the problem by driving the filled trucks around the factory three times for the material to compact. They finally realized that this process of stopping to fill the trucks, driving them around, and then filling them again was not the most efficient method.


To solve the problem, MARTIN® Vibration Systems installed MARTIN® NTS™ 50/40 Non-Impacting Vibrators with the VAC-MOUNT™ 20 on the trucks. The result is that they can fill their tank trucks in a third of the time it previously took and without driving around. Their trucks used to be filled with 26 tons of material, now they are pouring 27 tons. This method is more productive and time efficient.