Case Study: Paprika Powder Retaining Moisture

A customer in food manufacturing was using paprika powder as an ingredient, which required emptying it from a 56-liter silo and dosing with a DosyPack. Due to the hygroscopic qualities of paprika powder, the material would frequently retain moisture, causing the material to form lumps inside the silo, entailing an accurate dosing result. Flow was further restricted by the formation of ratholes or tubes inside the material. Workers then had to manually strike the silo with a hammer to keep the material flowing, risking worker safety and potential damage to the equipment. The inefficient flow also led to substantial downtime.

The customer installed a MARTIN® PKL® Pneumatic Impactor to the silo, which delivers individual strokes to the side of the silo, substantially improving the flow of material and allowing it to empty thoroughly. Also, the DosyPack was equipped with a MARTIN® NTS™ 250 Pneumatic Linear Vibrator, which moves material evenly and enables highly accurate dosing of the paprika.