Case Study: Compacting Manufacturing Component Parts for Shipping Efficiency

A customer manufacturing component parts was experiencing inefficiency in shipping their product because, as the components were being fed into the shipping containers, a cone-shaped mound formed, leaving open space on the sides of the mound and between components. This made sealing the boxes impossible without reducing the number of components and leaving a substantial amount of space in the box.

The customer agreed that compaction with an industrial vibrator was the optimal solution for flattening the contents of the box. However, because the customer did not want to increase production time, it was required that the vibration be part of the production chain. They installed a Martin NTK pneumatic linear vibrator to a vibrating table for roller conveyors fitted with rollers, using a set of air bellows to lift the box before compaction. As a result, the customer was able to flatten the angle of repose in process, thereby making the most efficient use of the space within the boxes and reducing the company’s shipping costs.