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Case Study: Unloading Azomite From a Hopper Bottom Trailer


A hauler was having trouble emptying his hopper trailer completely when emptying loads of azomite, a broad spectrum natural mineral product, at a feed mill. He often had to manually dislodge the material by banging on the hopper walls with a mallet – a dangerous task that causes muscle strain and increases the risk for operator injury.


Robert Holly of Oakley Trucking Inc. has been driving a hopper bottom trailer for many years. On several occasions, he has had to manually dislodge settled or stuck-on material from the hopper in order to completely empty a load. Unloading azomite was particularly slow and problematic. After some research, he discovered the MARTIN® MT-FAST™ Hopper Trailer Vibrator and decided to try it.


Holly is now using a portable MARTIN® MT-FAST™ Hopper Trailer Vibrator to unload his trailer. With the vibrator, he has reduced his unloading time from 90 minutes to 30 minutes – a reduction of over 65%! He no longer has to use a mallet to bang on the trailer, a task that used to take upwards of 60 minutes and resulted in back and shoulder pain. Holly is impressed with the MT-FAST™ and rated it a 9.5 out of 10.