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Case Study: Increasing Efficiency by Eliminating Blockages

A customer working with large amounts of wood chips was experiencing difficulty completely unloading the trucks delivering the material. Once the wagon silo was turned over the container, the wood chips passed through a sieve grate that prevented the largest pieces from falling into the container. However, the large wood chips tended to block the flow through the grate openings, causing them to build up. The small chips were also very likely to accumulate on the grate. As a result, workers were required to manually break up the blockages.

The customer purchased and installed a MARTIN® NTP™ Pneumatic Piston Vibrator. The vibration eliminated the accumulation of small pieces and allowed the smaller wood chips to flow through, while leaving the large pieces on top of the grate. This in turn substantially reduced downtime because workers no longer had to manually break up the blockages.