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Compaction Table Application Data Form
Martin Vibration Systems Solutions




City: State: Zip:

Phone: Fax: Email:

Product Characteristics:

Material to be handled (not trade name):

Test sample being furnished? (1 cu. ft. req'd) Yes No Return Destroy
Weight per cubic foot lbs. Angle of repose
Material characteristics:            
Dry Flaky Granular Corrosive
Wet Sticky Abrasive Explosive  
Powdery Fluffy Toxic Hygroscopic  
Particle size: Maximum: Minimum: Moisture Content %

Operation Requirements:

Type of container (steel drum, carton, etc.)

How is the container handled (Lift Truck, Pallet Jack, Conveyor, Roller)

Weight of Container: Lbs KG
Gross weight to be vibrated Lbs KG
Net weight to be vibrated Lbs KG
Approximate percentage increase in density required %

Unusual operating conditions (high temp. zone, dirty atmosphere, etc.)


Duty cycle: Continuous hrs. Intermittent: On time Off time

Construction Details:

Deck size requirements, if any: Length Width Height

Construction Material: Mild Steel Stainless Other

Special features required: (explosion proof, clamping arrangement, etc.)


Power Supply:    
Pneumatic P.S.I. C.F.M. available Supply Controls
Electric Voltage Phase Cycle Supply Controls

Enter Code: