Case Study: MARTIN® NTS™ 50/10 Non-Impacting Vibrator Solves Material Flow Problem


A chemical plant was having a problem with material moving through a 60″ x 12″ chute with the help of a piston vibrator, whch caused enough noise that neighbors complained. I realized that linear vibration would move the material, so the impacting would be quiet.


This company makes a variety of chemicals in small lots to test for mass production. Material size, consistency, and moisture content changed daily, causing it to rathole and bridge in the dryer.


The solution was to use a MARTIN® NTS™ 50/10 Non-Impacting Vibrator mounted on the dryer. This allows the customer to easily adjust the frequency and amplitude to meet changing demands. Also, the vibrator rotates with the dryer; therefore, the quick-connect air couplings increase efficiency.