Case Study: MARTIN® E-Z™ Auto Scoop Filling System Reduces Labor Costs & Increases Production


A leading Midwest supplier of aeration technologies and natural treatments to maintain ponds and lakes had a need to reduce labor cost and increase production on the containers they were filling. Currently they were using five people for months at a time during the busy season, filling buckets by hand with a simple bench scale. Workers would scoop these products from 40-60 pound bulk containers and fill retail-size containers, typically taking about 1-2 Minutes per depending on size.


The MARTIN® E-Z™ Auto Scoop Filling System incorporates a precision digital scale with programmable logic and a high-performance vibratory feed system that assures fast and consistent flow of material. The system was developed for small to medium-sized packagers, but has proven capable of 750 fills per hour (depending on the material and package size), an average of more than a dozen per minute.

MVSS supplies both loss-in-weight feeders and volumetric feed/weigh systems. Customers find benefit in the company’s worldwide network of parts and service, and from the use of industry-standard components and non-proprietary software.