Case Study: Confectionary Company Uses MARTIN® NTK® Oscillators For Candy Coating


A Wisconsin confectionery was in immediate need of specific equipment in order to properly prepare their candies for human consumption. The candies initially required separating and then spreading on a processing belt to get the candies ready for coating.


Unfortunately, the confectionary was having issues separating its small, flavored candies and dry chocolates evenly for a coating application. As a result, the company was experiencing a high amount of waste due to the clumping of the candies and chocolates.


MARTIN® Vibration Systems promptly installed our MARTIN® NTK® Oscillators to the shaking-zone frame to control noise and to create vibration between 60 and 70 dBa. Additionally, there was no oil mist discharge present. Our Oscillators boast an instant stop and start capability, and as a result, the lubrication-free equipment has considerably improved the packaging process of the Wisconsin confectionery, now resulting in very low waste of the candies and chocolates.