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We accumulate dust from a dust collector in drums. We want to be able to compact the dust. Please advise.

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Compacting dust from dust collectors will increase the interval between drum changes, and will also increase the operator’s time for other activities. For this application we recommend using a linear non-impacting pneumatic vibrator such as the NTS™ Series to power… Learn More

I need a vibrator or compaction table for settling concrete countertops in their molds.

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Settling concrete in their respective molds is not an easy task, but with the help of a vibratory table it can be achieved with minimal operator input. We typically use a rotary electric vibrator such as the XHD™ Series to… Learn More

We need a solution for compacting plastic resin pellets in a large 2,200-pound cardboard bulk pack on a pallet. What do you recommend?

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We’ve created many compaction tables that are currently being used to compact plastic resin pellets.  Due to the weight of your particular application, we recommend using a rotary electric vibrator such as the XHA™ Series to power the compaction table. … Learn More

My company is interested in increasing storage and shipping capacity by using a vibrator or compaction table. Do you have a recommendation?

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You’ll find that a compaction table is the perfect solution for increasing capacity in your storage facility and shipping containers.  We can certainly recommend a vibrator for your application, but we will need to know more about your needs first… Learn More

We make French macarons and need a compaction table to settle the cookies and remove air before baking.

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This bakery application is a common application for us.  We would normally use a high frequency pneumatic vibrator such as the NCT™ Series to power the vibratory table.  You’ll find that a vibratory table is the perfect solution for settling… Learn More