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A system that uses vibration to move materials is highly accurate because amplitude and frequency of motion are adjustable, allowing you to set the controls to your precise dosing needs.In an industry like pharmaceuticals, where precision is an absolute necessity,  industrial vibration provides an accurate way to transport, measure and dose raw materials and finished product. For example, an industrial vibrator can ensure that bulk solids are thoroughly unloaded from bins and hoppers by improving flow at the outlet point and loosening material stuck to the inside walls of the container.

Vibration also precisely measures and doses raw materials, as well as accurately dosing final product by weight or number. And because vibration is a more gentle process than alternative manual or mechanical means, there is less risk of damage or waste.

Martin® industrial vibrators are particularly well-suited for helping ensure product quality and purity within the pharmaceutical industry, because all standard models are wash-down safe, most are lubrication-free, and many are available in stainless-steel versions for specific needs.

At Martin® Vibration Systems, we have hundreds of products that fulfill a wide range of needs and budget requirements. We’re happy to discuss your operation’s processes and help you determine which product will maximize efficiency and save you money. Just give us a call at 1-888-920-1933 or send a message to our Engineering/Application Department to connect with us.

Products Typically Used In This Application

MARTIN® E-Z™ Weigh Systems Feeder/Hopper System

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E-Z™ Vibratory Feeders

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MARTIN® NTS™ 80-350 Non-Impacting Linear Vibrators

Lubrication-free. Quiet. Energy-efficient. MARTIN® NTS™ 80-350 Non-Impacting Linear Vibrators provide powerful force to move materials in small bins and hoppers. The... Learn More

MARTIN® NTS™ Non-Impacting Bin Vibrators

Quiet. Wash-down safe. Explosion-proof Industrial Vibrators. MARTIN® NTS™ Non-Impacting Linear Bin Vibrators provide powerful force to move materials in bins and... Learn More

MARTIN® NCB™ Sanitary Ball Vibrators

Sanitary coating—perfect for food and pharmaceutical applications! MARTIN® NCB™ Ball Vibrators provide powerful, efficient, rotary vibratory force for activating solids in... Learn More

MARTIN® NCT™ Rotary Turbine Vibrators

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MARTIN® Stick & Shake™ Adhesive Mounting System

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Pharmaceutical Videos

Flat Feeder Used in Pharmaceutical Application

Fabricated from food-grade stainless steel, the MARTIN® E-Z™ Weigh Systems Feeder/Hopper accurately dispenses a wide range of dry products, including candy pieces. Fast and accurate, you can dispense by weight or constant feed rate. Practically eliminates product waste.

4 Hoppers Feeding A Bowl

With the MARTIN® E-Z™ Weigh Systems Feeder/Hopper, you can easily combine four ingredients with a high level of precision. Dispense by weight or constant feed rate. Compared to manual filling by hand, it's faster and more accurate, with minimal waste.