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Hopper Vibrators

At Martin Vibration Systems, we manufacture hopper vibrators designed to keep your product moving through the discharges of the hoppers used in your plant. And by maximizing the efficient flow of your product, you increase productivity, which maximizes profits. Applying hopper vibration energy to keep bulk materials flowing freely, instead of striking the side of the container with a hammer or trying to dislodge the buildup from beneath the discharge, also results in a safer work environment by minimizing the risk of injury.

Industrial Vibration works by breaking the static bonds we know as friction that build up between your product and the walls of the hopper, as well as the friction that builds up at the particle level in bulk solids like powders, aggregates and sand. Vibration is also effective when you’re unloading larger items, like electrical components or small plastic parts, as well as grain or corn in food processing operations, or pills in a pharmaceutical plant.

With a Martin Vibration Systems hopper vibrator, you can easily adjust the frequency and amplitude of the vibration energy to accommodate the type of product you’re unloading and the specific hopper you’re using. We also provide portable vibrators that can be moved between hoppers or can apply vibration to specific trouble spots on the hopper. Additionally, we manufacture durable, quality vibrators that run on either electric or pneumatic power.

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