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Hopper mountFor the first time ever…

A combination of a miniature vibrator with a simple non-intrusive mounting system is available.

Perfect for small hoppers and bins!

Maintain quality, lower overhead, remain safe, and improve through-put to increase profits!

Your ingredients often present challenges when it comes to bridging, rat holing, clumping, or sticking to the sides of your hoppers and bins.  When issues occur, quality suffers, through-put slows, or, worst of all, the line and all your profits come to a halt.

But finally, the Martin® Bantam™ miniature air vibrators are powerful enough to keep stubborn materials moving and they are right-sized for your small hoppers, bins, chutes and tubes.  Ranging from just 2” to 3 ½”, they fit in tight spaces and won’t damage your equipment.

The MARTIN® Bantam™ miniature air vibrators are purpose-made for the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries to keep ingredients flowing.  They are lubrication-free and wash-down safe.  With an option for miniature oscillators, impacting or non-impacting vibrators, they will fit all your material flow needs.

And with the MARTIN® Stick & Shake™ Adhesive Mounting option, you can also forget about welding, drilling, intrusion and down-time.  Just clean the mounting area, apply the glued mount, let it dry, and problem solved!

Contact us today to learn if this amazing combination of products will work for you and your particular problem.  Our experts are always available to discuss specific applications.

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