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We are a producer of artisan cheeses. Many of these are produced as 10-pound waxed wheels that are then cut into various sized wedges prior to packaging. The cutting is done using a hydraulically-driven harp that is driven down through the cheese wheel and the harp contains anywhere from 4 to 20 fixed partitions (knife segments). This system works well except that it has a tendency to fracture the wax and damage some of the harder cheeses, creating a lot of unusable pieces. This damaging effect increases as the number of knife segments increases. Since the majority of our production utilizes a 20-partition knife, the losses and rework are significant. I believe that mounting a turbine vibrator to the side of the cutting harp may reduce or even eliminate the damage. What do you think?

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­Any way to reduce product waste and decrease rework is worth the effort. Our NCT rotary turbine line of vibrators would transmit the perfect amount of vibration through the cutting harp to eliminate the damage caused by increasing the number of blades. Our recommendation would be determined by the overall dimensions and weight of the cutting harp, and thickness of the blades. Our website has an assortment of examples on how the NCT series has been used in industries around the world.

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