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I am working on a project that needs a vibration bed. The application is a cleaning system for small parts with internal machined passageways. I will be pumping a cleaning solution through the part and need to vibrate all small particles loose inside the part. Do you have a suggested product for this?

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Agitating parts is best left to an automated solution in order to reduce the risk of personnel injury. This is where a vibratory compaction table that is integrated into your manufacturing line comes into play. Given the small size of parts I would use a rotary turbine pneumatic vibrator such as the NCT™ Series to power the vibratory table. We will need to know the working height you desire and the size and weight of the parts to give you a proposal for a table tailored to your exact needs, as our tables are cut to fit and paint to match.  Our website has various examples to show how a vibratory table can be used in your facility.

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