E-Z™ Vibratory Feeders

Powered by efficient pneumatic drives

MARTIN® E-Z™ Vibratory Feeders meet the needs of feeding applications up to 8 tph. The simple, all stainless steel fabrication is E-Z to clean, perfect for food, chemical and pharmaceutical applications. The drive and suspension components are designed to operate in hazardous or wet environments.

Units are available in various configurations:

  1. Standard, “off-the-shelf” units.
  2. Custom sizes.
  3. Drive and suspension only.
  4. Flat, vee or custom trays available.
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Flat Tray Dispensing Beans
MARTIN® E-Z™ Vibratory Feeders Watch Video
V-Tray Dispensing Candy Sprinkles
MARTIN® E-Z™ Vibratory Feeders Watch Video


Clean, Sanitary Design

Standard, all stainless steel fabrication, powered by a corrosion proof, coated drive. Ideal for food, chemical & pharmaceutical applications.

Explosion-Proof & Waterproof

No sparks or heat are generated by the pneumatic drive system. Totally sealed allowing vibratory feeders a safe wash-down.

Quiet & Energy-Efficient

Drive system operates at less than 65 dBA. Uses 0.18 – 3.14 cfm.

Exact Adjustment

Speed and stroke are independently adjusted, providing exact control.

3-Year Guarantee

Drive unit is covered by a full 3-year guarantee.

On-Site Feeder Testing

Call 1-800-474-4538 to test the E-Z™ Feeder System at your location.