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Choosing or Upgrading Equipment

VIBROTOR™ usado en aplicacion de concreto.With hundreds of industrial vibration products on the market today, using the right equipment for the right task is critical to your bottom line. Industrial vibrators vary substantially in terms of size and power. Vibrators are designed to move product along a conveyor, compact items prior to shipping, portion bulk solids into small containers, and much more.

They can be powered by compressed air or electricity and vary in terms of energy usage and noise levels. Also, some are designed to be permanently mounted to your equipment, while others are designed to be moved easily.

And like any machine, industrial vibrators are subject to wear and tear. While our products at Martin Vibration Systems are engineered to last 2 to 3 times longer than most vibrators in the industry, they may eventually require upgrading or replacing. However, by using the right vibrator for the right job, you will increase the lifetime of your equipment and your vibrator.

At Martin® Vibration Systems, we have hundreds of products that fulfill a wide range of needs. We’re happy to discuss your operation’s needs and help you determine which product can help you streamline your process and reduce your costs. We can also help you determine if it’s time to replace or upgrade your existing equipment. Just give us a call at 1-888-920-1933 or send a message to our Engineering/Application Department to connect with us.

Products Typically Used In This Application

MARTIN® NTS™ 80-350 Non-Impacting Linear Vibrators

Lubrication-free. Quiet. Energy-efficient. MARTIN® NTS™ 80-350 Non-Impacting Linear Vibrators provide powerful force to move materials in small bins and hoppers. The... Learn More

MARTIN® NTP™ Continuous Impacting Linear Vibrators

MARTIN® NTP™ Continuous Impacting Linear Vibrators provide high-acceleration for removing sticky materials from vessel surfaces. A sanitary coating system, plus a... Learn More

MARTIN® NCT™ Rotary Turbine Vibrators

One third the air consumption of ball vibrators! MARTIN® NCT™ Turbine Vibrators provide powerful, efficient, rotary vibratory force for activating solids... Learn More