iStock_000022645446_FullMoving raw materials and finished castings efficiently is key to a successful foundry operation. That said, the equipment responsible for the flow of material needs to tolerate extreme heat. Industrial vibration can solve this challenge because it requires less manual operation and uses smaller motions to do the job.

From the beginning of the operation, vibration can be used for unloading bulk solids thoroughly from bins, chutes, and hoppers without having to strike the side of the equipment with a hammer or mallet. Vibration is a highly effective way to ensure that the material flows evenly without getting bound up or sticking to the sides. Plus, the vibrator can be installed permanently on the equipment or applied only as needed using a portable model.

Because sand is a required material in foundry operations, vibration’s ability to compact sand during the molding process delivers a key benefit by ensuring that the structure is as stable as possible. Plus, vibration is the most effective and thorough way to remove foundry sand from castings, then cool and store the sand for future use.

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Products Typical Used in Application

Compaction of Foundry Sand in Forms 1

Placing on coil springs necessary for optimum vibration insulation. ... Learn More »

Compaction of Foundry Sand in Forms 2

Placing on coil springs necessary for optimum vibration insulation. Very low overall height of 14”. ... Learn More »

Compaction of Foundry Sand in Forms 3

The table lifts the form from the roller track and vibrates. ... Learn More »

Compaction of Foundry Sand in Forms 4

Big load, placing on air spring bellows are necessary for an optimum of vibration insulation. ... Learn More »

XHA™ Extra Hi-Amplitude Electric Vibrator

An economical solution for material-flow problems in bins & hoppers containing lumpy, sticky, or light fluffy materials. The high-amplitude, low-frequency … Learn More »

MARTIN® NCT™ Rotary Turbine Vibrators

One third the air consumption of ball vibrators! MARTIN® NCT™ Turbine Vibrators provide powerful, efficient, rotary vibratory force for activating solids in … Learn More »

MARTIN® Ball Vibrators

Vibrolator® Pneumatic Ball Vibrators provide high-frequency vibration at an economical price. The only moving part is a high-grade chrome steel ball. Lubrication, … Learn More »



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