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We put herbal tea into bulk bags after blending the teas in-house. We generally use 1,000-liter bulk bags but can only get about 80% full by gravity-filling alone. What product do we need?

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Compaction of bulk bags without machine is no easy task due to the size and weight of these bags. For this application we typically use a linear non-impacting pneumatic vibrator such as the NTS™ Series to power a compaction table.  All of our compaction tables are custom made for each application, so we will need to know how the bulk bags are handled, dimensions of the bulk bag, and weight of the bulk bags empty and full to generate a proposal tailored to your exact application.  By looking at photos/examples on our website of applications that incorporate vibratory tables into their process you will find that a compaction table is the perfect solution for compacting your herbal tea into the bulk bags.

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