We have a gluten free bakery. Before baking, we have to level the batter and remove any air bubbles. I believe that some form of variable vibration equipment could solve our issues. Do you have something that might fit the bill?

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This bakery application is a common application for us.  We normally use a high frequency pneumatic vibrator such as the NCT™ Series to power the vibratory table.  You’ll find that a vibratory table is the perfect solution for settling your batter to remove any air bubbles. The table will be made of stainless steel and constructed to conform with all sanitary requirements.  Since all of our vibratory tables are custom designed for each application, we will need to know whether this would be a tabletop unit or a floor mounted unit, and the size of the baking pan to generate a proposal for your needs.  This exact application of de-aerating chocolate can be seen on our website here.

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