We have 3 large fertilizer silos and the urea we have in them can hold up due to moisture in the air. A hit on the side with a rubber hammer or push a rod up inside the hopper is all it takes to dislodge the blockage. Do you think your MT Fast could automate this process?

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Our MT Fast hopper trailer vibrator was designed for unloading hopper trailers that are limited to 15 CFM of air produced by the onboard air system. For this application we would recommend mounting a linear non-impacting pneumatic vibrator such as the NTS™ Series 1/3 up the sloped section of your hopper.  Due to our NTS vibrators being sized for each application, we will need to know the dimensions of the hopper’s sloped section (upper dimensions, lower dimensions, height of sloped section, and wall thickness), and material characteristics to.  Photos of the NTS series of products can be seen on our website here.

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