We are looking for a way to get more weight into super sacks. We have just started offering ground peanut hulls in tote bags and are running into weight issues and, like your website states, we are paying to ship air. We are trying to figure out different options on how to solve this issue.

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Paying to ship air is a cost many companies overlook and just say it’s the cost of running a business. With the help of a compaction table, this cost can be greatly reduced if not eliminated. For this application we recommend using a linear non-impacting pneumatic vibrator such as the NTS™ Series to power a vibratory table.  All of our vibratory tables are custom made, so we will need to know the working height you desire, dimensions of the pallet, and how the drums are handled to put together a proposal specific to your application.  Vibratory tables are the most effective way of removing air from shipping containers to ensure that you are not paying to ship air. Watch a great video about this process here.

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