I am looking for a small vibration table to set a quart-sized can in. I want to densify powdered metal so I can fill the can completely. Right now, our technicians have to shake and bang the cans, which is hard on the employee and the can. The table also needs to be explosion-proof. Can you help?

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Explosion proof applications are a perfect fit for a pneumatic vibrator due to sparks not being generated during operation.  Our NTS™ Series is a Teflon alloyed aluminum non-impacting linear vibrator that can be ordered with an ATEX rating.  Unfortunately, there is no explosion proof rating recognized in the United States, however ATEX is the explosion rating recognized across Europe. The main difference between our standard NTS unit and an ATEX rated one is that the ATEX one has an integrated grounding bolt. Our vibratory tables can be made as small as 12” x 12” x 10” tall and incorporate supports to hold containers down. A large-scale version of this application can be seen on our website here.

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