Pond Supply Company Uses Automated Feeder to Cut Filling Time, Raise Productivity

Airmax Ecosystems has slashed filling times from manual filling of roughly one package per minute to filling and weighing as many as six units a minute.

[Armada, MI] — A leading Midwest supplier of aeration technologies and natural treatments to maintain ponds and lakes has slashed filling times and labor requirements with an automated feeding system, transitioning from manual filling of roughly one package per minute to filling and weighing as many as six units a minute.  The equipment allows the packaging operation to significantly reduce labor costs and expand capacity, improving its potential for growth.

Airmax Ecosystems is a long-established supplier of natural pond care products.  What started as a hand-filling operation 10 years ago has expanded to a new, 57,000 square foot facility in northern Michigan.  “We used to need five of our people on the plant floor for months at a time during the busy season,” observed Warehouse Manager Mike Kroll.  “Now we can do the same volumes with three people in a matter of weeks.”

The company has been using the MARTIN® E-ZTM Auto-Scoop Filling System from Martin Vibration Systems Solutions for several months to package a variety of dry products, including natural pond treatments, fish foods and pond salts.  “In the past, workers used to scoop these products from 40-60 pound bulk containers and fill retail-size containers on a scale,” Kroll explained.

“Now we use the keypad to set up our fill and establish the tare weight, and operators use a foot switch to automatically fill and weigh each package.  Even the five-pound units only take about

15 seconds each.  It’s almost faster than the operator can seal the bags and box them up,” he said.  Kroll estimated that the company has packaged about 24,000 pounds of materials over the last three months.

The E-Z Auto-Scoop Filling System incorporates a precision digital scale with programmable logic and a high-performance vibratory feed system that assures fast and consistent flow of material.  The system was developed for small to medium-sized packagers, but has proven capable of 750 fills per hour (depending on the material and package size), an average of more than a dozen per minute.

The electro-polished stainless steel construction is well suited to chemicals, food, powdered beverage and spice operations.  “Cleaning is very easy on these models,” commented Mike Lindbeck from MVSS.  “The live storage hoppers lift off easily, and because they’re mounted without fasteners, no tools are required.”

The E-Z Auto-Scoop Filling System incorporates a digital scale and high-performance vibratory feeder that assures fast and consistent flow.
The E-Z Auto-Scoop Filling System incorporates a digital scale and high-performance vibratory feeder that assures fast and consistent flow.

MVSS supplies both loss-in-weight feeders and volumetric feed/weigh systems.  Customers find benefit in the company’s worldwide network of parts and service, and from the use of industry-standard components and non-proprietary software.

Kroll said that the productivity increase has been substantial, eliminating the need to hire temporary help to manage the spikes in activity.  He estimated payback on the system would be between 6-12 months, depending on order volumes.  “It’s incredibly easy to set up and run,” Kroll concluded.  “It’s made a big difference in our output, and has reduced spillage and cleanup time, also.  Overfills are pretty much a thing of the past.”

Martin Vibration Systems Solutions is a leading innovator and supplier of feeders, weigh systems, and material handling products for a wide range of industries, including chemicals, food, pharmaceuticals, and foundries.  The firm supplies electric, hydraulic, and pneumatic vibrators, vibratory feeders, hoppers, and other components.  MVSS has built its reputation on developing the quietest and most energy-efficient designs available.  They are engineered and built to deliver precise energy transmission, long service life, and low maintenance.  For more information, call (800) 474-4538 or visit develop.shake-it.com.