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Bin, Hopper And Silo
Application Data Form
Martin Vibration Systems Solutions




City: State: Zip:

Phone: Fax: Email:

Material Conditions:


Weight: Pounds Per Cubic Foot or Kilogram Per Cubic Meter:

Moisture Content:   Dry   Wet   Moisture Percentage:
Temperature Of Material: Ambient High   Degrees F C
Material characteristics:
Dry Flaky Granular Corrosive  
Wet Sticky Abrasive Explosive  
Powdery Fluffy Toxic Hygroscopic  
Vessel Information                
Shape Of The Vessel: Square / Rectangular Round Chute Other
Vessel Material: Steel Stainless Concrete Wood Other
Wall Thickness: Inches MM Vessel Lined? Yes No
Vessel Lining Material: Lining Thickness: Inches MM
Discharge Frequency: Continuous Intermittent
Method Of Discharge: Rotary Valve Screw Belt Other:

Complete Dimensional Information Or Supply Drawings And Photos

Standard of Measurement: Inches / Feet Millimeters / Meter




Type Of Problems:

Flow Problem: Bridging Rat Holing Packing Clinging To Side

Describe The Problem:

Current Solution

Method Being Used Now (i.e. hitting with hammer, poking):

Flow Aids Presently Being Used or Used Previously:

How Often And Duration Of Current Method Being Used:

Effect Current Method Has:

Power Availability
Power Preference: Electric Pneumatic
Electric Requirement: Single Phase Three Phase     Voltage:
Explosion Proof: Yes No     Classification:     ATEX Rating:
Method of Control: Timer PLC Solenoid Manually

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