Maintain Flow

I need a vibrator for a sawdust collection system. My rotary air lock seems to get jammed with the sawdust as it comes down the chute. I think a vibration device could help the sawdust flow down the chute into the trailer. Would this work or do you have another recommendation that would work better?

Material building up in a sawdust collection system will eventually create costly downtime for a company. Our NTS™ Series is a Teflon alloyed... Learn More »

I work as a maintenance engineer at a food manufacturing company. We are having a problem in packaging. The material chokes in the bin making it difficult to achieve the desired weight. We have to manually hammer the bins to ensure smooth flow.

Material flow issues are dealt with here daily at Martin Vibration Systems. Our NTS™ Series is a Teflon alloyed aluminum non-impacting linear... Learn More »

We are looking for anti-caking machines. We currently use Vibco products and they are failing. What do you recommend?

With our vibrators being produced overseas, quality and performance are kept in mind throughout the entire manufacturing process. All of our... Learn More »

We are a leading detergent manufacturing company. We use airlift to transport detergent powder through an airlift pipe. Due to moisture in the powder, it leads to scaling and choking. We need a vibrating device that can help to continually remove deposits in the airlift pipe. What do you recommend?

Mitigating moist material flow issues is one of the reasons our company’s founder created the industrial ball vibrator. Our NCT line of pneumatic... Learn More »

Our coffee powder is getting stuck (ratholing) during the bag-filling process. Please help us find a good solution.

Material ratholing in hoppers is one of the main reasons the industrial vibrator was designed. Our NTS line of linear non-impacting pneumatic... Learn More »

I need a vibrator that can sift and break up clumps in oil-rich flour.

Sifting fluid-rich materials is a difficult task for any machine. We would need to know more about the specific application and how the material... Learn More »

We use core bins and the cores are jamming at the chute. Our technicians currently have to manually pull the cores out to keep the flow moving. Do you have a solution?

A little vibration goes a long way in most applications to initiate flow in chutes and/or hoppers. Our NTS™ Series is a teflon alloyed aluminum... Learn More »

We have a small stainless-steel hopper with coconut chunks or coconut jelly that needs to be filled into the gates of a granular filling machine below the hopper. After a while, the material starts to bridge and flow is slowed or obstructed. We believe that agitating the flow with a vibrator would help. What do you suggest?

When products stop flowing through a hopper and production stops, it not only costs the company money, it also costs the company valuable production... Learn More »

I have a soft-sided waterproof nylon hopper to hold wood pellets that feed a furnace. The pellets don’t flow well and I’m wondering if you have a vibratory hammer that would work for this application.

Solving material flow issues is our specialty here at Martin Vibration Systems. Our vacuum-mounted NTS linear non-impacting pneumatic vibrators are... Learn More »