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Vac Mount® Railcar Vibrator

Lightweight & Quiet Railcar Vibrator Not every railcar has a mount for a vibrator so it’s hammering and pounding to get the material out. The patented Vac Mount® system will eliminate that problem! Just push the vibrator on to the hopper and turn the suction on. It adheres to any railcar! Then fire up the vibrator and […]

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POCKET ROCK-IT® RailCar Vibrators

Light weight & quiet RailCar Vibrators! No more pounding on railcars with sledge hammers! No more lifting heavy industrial vibrators! No more ear-splitting noise! The patented POCKET ROCK-IT® Railcar Vibrators utilize lightweight, high-performance vibrators to unload even the most stubborn materials from closed top hopper cars. Both railcar vibrators weigh less than 32 lbs., greatly reducing […]

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Railcar gate opener

Railcar Gate Openers

Open the toughest railcar gates safely & efficiently. New and Improved with Pivoting Wheels! Great for tight locations! The MARTIN® Adjustable-Height Railcar Gate Opener is a powerful solution to improve the efficiency of railcar unloading. It easily opens tough rail car hopper gates, safely and efficiently without backbreaking labor, without damage to gate or mechanism, and […]

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BOOT-LIFT® Railcar Connectors

Unloading of covered railroad cars no longer has to be a time-consuming, hazardous, dirty job. The BOOT-LIFT® Railcar Connector installs between the rails and provides a dust tight seal between the railcar discharge and the below grade conveying system, including vacuum systems. Rough spot the car, adjust the BOOT-LIFT® Railcar Connector with either the manual or pneumatic […]

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