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Smooth Move Linear Vibrator

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Martin® Smooth Move™ Linear Feeder

Gentle, horizontal conveying of bulk materials.  No “Throwing”! The Martin® Smooth Move™ Vibratory Linear Feeder system is designed for gentle, horizontal conveying of bulk material.  Traditional vibration conveyor systems work on the throwing principle, in which a product is “thrown” forward, following a trajectory parabola.  With the Smooth Move, the material gently slides along the […]

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MARTIN® E-Z™ Weigh Systems Feeder/Hopper System

Looking for a cost effective loss-in-weight or volumetric feeding system? The MARTIN® E-Z™ Weigh-Feeder/Hopper System is your answer. We have incorporated the popular MARTIN® E-Z™ Weigh-Feeder with a Hopper/Base Assembly to provide a stand alone feeding system. When placed on a bench scale base, the MARTIN® E-Z™ Weigh-Feeder can be controlled to provide a constant feed rate or an […]

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MARTIN® E-Z™ Dry Ingredient Spreader

The NEW E-Z™ Dry Ingredient Spreader applies dry ingredients, including seasonings, spices, chopped nuts and frozen foods to conveyed products accurately. Mounted directly above conveyors, product is metered directly on to baked goods or frozen entrees. Using the same proven technology as the MARTIN® E-Z™ FEEDER SYSTEM, consistent feed rates are guaranteed. The powerful, energy efficient, pneumatic […]

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MARTIN® E-Z™ Auto Scoop Filling System

Tired of scooping or hand filling? Concerned about repetitive motion injuries? Want to increase your number of containers per hour? If so, the MARTIN® E-Z Auto Scoop Filling System is for you! Place your container on the scale and step on the foot switch. In seconds, your product will be dispensed fast and accurate. Custom Hopper/Feeder Sizes […]

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E-Z™ Vibratory Feeders

Powered by efficient pneumatic drives MARTIN® E-Z™ Vibratory Feeders meet the needs of feeding applications up to 8 tph. The simple, all stainless steel fabrication is E-Z to clean, perfect for food, chemical and pharmaceutical applications. The drive and suspension components are designed to operate in hazardous or wet environments. Units are available in various configurations: […]

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