XHD™ Extra Heavy Duty Electric Vibrators

An economical solution for material-flow problems in bins and hoppers. No more pounding on bins and hoppers with sledge hammers. No more production delays because of clogged storage vessels with the MARTIN® XHD electric vibrators.

No more clanging of noisy, air driven piston vibrators. MARTIN® XHD Hopper Vibrators are designed and built to withstand the rigors of the industrial environment. So tough we guarantee them for 3 years.

High-Performance Vibrators

MARTIN® Electric Vibrators are designed and built to withstand the rigors of the industrial environment and operate in a continuous-duty cycle. This series is so tough we guarantee them for 3 years even when operated at 100% amplitude setting, in a 24/7 operating environment. Each vibrator is manufactured using the latest automated techniques, ensuring exact bearing and seal fits. Add vacuum-impregnated windings and you have a high-performance vibrator second to none.

Available in single-phase and 3-phase models from 200-20,000 force pounds. 900, 1200, 1800 and 3600 rpms.

Note: Vibrators sized for material 50-90 lbs. per cu./ft. with 5% or less moisture content. Contact factory for other material.

Available in Stainless Steel
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Operates at 60 – 70 dBA, the same as a standard electric motor. Air driven piston vibrators operate as high as 120 dBA.


Higher force-to-energy consumption ratio than any other vibrator in its class.

Built to Last

Vacuum impregnated windings, o-ring seals, and machined surfaces provide an IP 66 rating to protect against the entry of dirt or water, virtually eliminating the possibility of failure.

Other Equipment & Services

  • Mounting brackets, timers, and controls
  • Factory-trained installation
  • All single phase units contain overload, starting capacitor, switch box and cord standard. All units are available without these components at a reduced price.

Additional Specifications

  • Operating Temperature: 3 Phase: -22° – 104° F, 1 Phase: 32° – 104° F.
  • Adjustable Output: Weights can be positioned for precise control of force
  • Force (maximum): 3500 force-lbs.
  • Warranty: 3-years when operated within recommendations
  • Included: 115 Volt Single Phase units include switchbox, overload protection, capacitor and cord.
  • Totally water tight! Corrosive resistant!

Performance & Dimensions