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POCKET ROCK-IT® RailCar Vibrators

railcar vibrators

Light weight & quiet RailCar Vibrators!

No more pounding on railcars with sledge hammers! No more lifting heavy industrial vibrators! No more ear-splitting noise! The patented POCKET ROCK-IT® Railcar Vibrators utilize lightweight, high-performance vibrators to unload even the most stubborn materials from closed top hopper cars. Both railcar vibrators weigh less than 32 lbs., greatly reducing the risk of back injury.

No brackets on your railcars? No problem!

We have a variety of MARTIN® VAC-MOUNT™ Rail Car Vibrators that will do the job.

railcar vibrators


  • Quiet

    Noise levels are 60 – 75 dBA, well below regulatory limits.

  • Reduce Risk of Back Injury

    The POCKET ROCK-IT® assembly weighs
    in at 32 lbs, POCKET ROCK-IT II® models tip the scales at 20 lbs. Operators no longer have to manhandle heavy industrial vibrators into hard-to-reach brackets under railcars.

  • 3-Year Guarantee

    Both railcar vibrators are covered by a 3-year guarantee.

  • Free Trial

    POCKET-ROCK-IT® railcar vibrators are available for testing, at your site, on your cars.

  • Additional Specifications

    • Air pressure range: 30-80 psi
    • Operating temperature: 0º-120º F
    • Air Preparation: 5-micron filter, pressure regulator, lubricator & 3-way valve.
    • Warranty: 3 years when operated within recommendations
    • Testing: Both models are available for FREE on-site testing.

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