MARTIN® TAP & PAC™ Compacting Vibrators

The MARTIN® TAP & PAC™ Compacting Vibrators are ideal for settling materials in bags and containers. The speed and amplitude are independently adjustable, providing the exact force required to obtain desired content weights. The piston retracts after each cycle, eliminating the potential of interference with the containers.

MARTIN® TAP & PAC™ Compacting Vibrators are quiet, operate lubrication-free and are energy- efficient. Plus, they are wash-down safe and explosion-proof.

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Noise levels are 68 to 72 dBA, well below regulatory limits.

Explosion-Proof & Waterproof

No sparks or heat are generated by the pneumatically operated industrial vibrator. All units are totally sealed for wash-down safe operation.

Sanitary Design

Special coating systems on the vibrators shed material buildup and won’t flake off.

Lubrication-Free Operation

MARTIN® TAP & PAC™ Compacting Vibrators are lubrication-free, eliminating the use of messy, maintenance-intensive lubricators. No oil mist is discharged into the atmosphere.

Exact Adjustment

The frequency and amplitude adjust independently. On and off is instantaneous. Tap when you want, as hard as you need, insuring fast, complete compaction. The piston retracts as not to interfere with moving containers.

Additional Specifications

  • Air Pressure Range: 20-60 psi.
  • Operating Temperature: 32°-120° F.
  • Air Preparation: 5-micron filter, pressure regulator, 3-way control valve required.
  • Force (maximum): 42 force-lbs.
  • Warranty: 1-year when operated within recommendations.
  • Noise levels: 68-71dBA.

Performance & Dimensions




Case Studies

  • Case Study: Jellybean Manufacturer


    A Jellybean manufacturer in Minnesota hoped to increase productivity by replacing antiquated vibration equipment with new equipment for shaking the product to provide the proper settling of contents before shipping.


    Old and outdated packaging assemblies were reconstructed to both streamline their candy packaging processes and to conserve energy with their new “go green” business objective.


    MARTIN® TAP & PAC™ Compacting Vibrators gave this confectioner the ability to independently control their speed and amplitude and provided the energy efficiency they were hoping to achieve. The wash-down safe construction coupled with lubrication free operation of these compacting vibrators have revolutionized their packing processes.