Martin® Stick & Shake™ Adhesive Mounting System

New! No Welding! No Downtime!
Perfect for our new miniature air vibrators.

The Martin® Stick & Shake™ Adhesive Mounting System is the new, revolutionary solution for mounting industrial vibrators on bins, hoppers and chutes. With the two-component adhesive, the stainless-steel mount can be installed virtually anywhere, on nearly every material, quickly and easily. It simplifies mounting vibrators on hoppers and bins with dimensions less than 24”. No welding. No down time.

Stick & Shake™ mounts can be applied to bare or painted metals, poly-carbonate, acrylics, and ABS plastics. They are ideal for pharma, cosmetic and plastic applications and will solve a wide variety of material flow problems in food processing applications as well. This new mounting system was purpose-built to be used with one of the new Martin® Bantam™ Series pneumatic vibrators, and ensures an efficient transfer of vibration to free stubborn material.

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