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MARTIN® PKL® Interval Impactors

MARTIN® PKL® Interval Impactors generate individual blows similar to a hammer. The impact provides very high acceleration, the exact force required to move sticky or clinging materials from storage vessel walls. The impacts per minute are variable between 10 and 60, without the use of a timing device.

The superb controllability of the MARTIN® PKL® Interval Impactors ensures just the right force to do the job, reducing noise, energy costs and bin damage.




  • High Acceleration

    The impact provided by MARTIN® PKL® Interval Impactors moves material that will not respond to rotary vibration.

  • Extremely Low Energy Consumption

    The low operating frequency combined with the “air-against-spring” design translates to extremely low energy costs.

  • Precise Control

    Adjust the number of impacts to provide the right force to do the job–no wasted energy, no bin or hopper damage. This is the most controllable vibrator available.

  • Best Uses

    • Removing sticky materials from bin walls.
    • Cleaning dusty residue from surfaces.
    • Breaking “bridged” material.
    • Great for spray dryers, pipes and dust collectors!
  • Additional Specifications

    • Air Pressure Range: 45-115 psi.
    • Operating Temperature: Max. 250°. High-temp models 320°F.
    • Air Preparation: 5-micron filter, pressure regulator & lubricator.
    • Force (maximum): 120-1,700 in-lbs
    • Warranty: 3 years when operated within recommendations


  • High-Temperature Solution

    MARTIN® PKL® 200 Impactor

    An insulated ash hopper is equipped with MARTIN® PKL® 200 High-Temperature Units. The ash hoppers are impacted; the ash falls to the bottom and is removed via a screw conveyor. The units are spaced away from the heat source with stand-off brackets.

  • Powder Build-Up Solution

    MARTIN® PKL® 150 Impactor

    Fine powder was building up on the walls of a pipe leading to a bagging machine. The reduced flow limited and sometimes stopped production. A MARTIN® PKL® 150 Impactor was installed on the pipe elbow. The MARTIN® PKL® 150 Unit impacts one time, when the bagging machine calls for material. Problem solved.

  • Eliminate Shut-Down & Man Hours

    Fly ash was building up on the walls in a trash-to-energy facility. The build-up became so severe that the incinerator had to be shut down and men sent in to remove it.

    MARTIN® PKL® 220 Impactors were installed eliminating the problem. The units were installed in several locations around the structure.

  • Portable Applications

    MARTIN® PKL® Series Vibrators are available as MARTIN® Vac-Mount™ units, perfect for portable applications.

  • PKL® 220 Single Impactors

    MARTIN® PKL® 220 Single Impactors
    used to clean heat exchange tubes.

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